Since the beginning of time people have been trying to speed up and ease the process of communication. Nowadays there are dozens of means of communication that let you contact your clients in one second but the ones which are in lead are WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. There are about 3 billion active users! And we are one of them. 😊

Do you know this feeling when you try to reach your bank consultant but end up listening to Vivaldi for about three hours?🎶 Or maybe you’re an entrepreneur fed up with dozens of identical messages from customers?⚠️  Fulfilling millions of unnecessary forms, waiting for hours for a consultant who never appears, and listening to Vivaldi brought us the point when we decided to take the matter into our hands. 💪

In 2014, we start it out with the goal of "being the Whatsapp of the companies" and today we have turned into a platform where brands can manage their digital communication channels from one place. As the communication habits of consumers change, we have become a company that aims to change the way brands communicate with their customers. At MindBehind, we have democratized the next generation of communication through Digital Assistants and Chatbots.

In this story that we started with 4 people in 2016, we are now a large family of 40 people. In Turkey and all around the globe, we serve more than 30 brands in different languages;  we keep growing in the foreign market. We continue to produce solutions with the same dynamism at the day we started, to minimize the barriers between brands and users, and to offer a new experience to users with the same excitement and entrepreneurial spirits of our first day.



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