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Since the beginning of time people have been trying to speed up and ease the process of communication. Nowadays there are dozens of means of communication which let you contact your clients in one second but the ones which are in lead are WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. There are about 3 billion active users! And we are one of them as well.

Do you know this feeling when you try to reach your bank consultant but ended up listening to Vivaldi for last three hours? Or maybe you’re an entrepreneur fed up with dozens of identical messages from customers?  Fulfilling millions of unnecessary forms, waiting for hours for consultant who never appears and listening to Vivaldi brought us the point when we decided to take a bit in our hands. 

We are visionaries who appreciate both consumer and entrepreneur perspective what led us to establish MindBehind. It’s a way to democratize new technology; Virtual Assistants and ChatBots.

MindBehind lets anyone at any age, from any place in the world and with any background to build engaging and intelligent virtual assistants and chatbot. Forget about complex coding or programming!

Join us in our chatbot-creators community to finally enjoy your time free from hours hanging on the phone and answering millions of messages that you know by heart. We ensure you – finally you will have time to care of your business as you always wished.



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