Aksigorta’s Success With Conversational AI

Aksigorta at a Glance

Aksigorta is an insurance company that has been marching towards a sustainable future with customer-centricity and innovation at the core of its vision since 1960. Aksigorta serves individual and corporatecustomers with 10 regional headquarters, 664 employees, nearly 3000 independent agencies, 782 Akbankbranch offices, 69 brokers, and nearly 5.750 contractors.

Having partnered up with Sabancı Holding and Belgian Ageas, Aksigorta has been increasing its value andbrand awareness as it aims to contribute to the wellbeing of the sector and the national economy byexpanding its market share.

Aksigorta’s Virtual Assistant ADA

Digitalization has been altering our routines and the way we do business. We want to provide primeexperiences for our customers by adapting swiftly to technologies that make their lives easier. Aksigorta’smain goal is to provide solutions for our customers to help them keep up with the times, regardless of thegrowing scale of our operations.

When we face a problem, we look for channels on which to resolve them at any time. In a world where allprocesses can be carried out online, our goal was to have a solution ready for our clients and always beavailable for them with the trailblazing conversational technology of intelligent digital assistants.

How We Developed ADA

We set up workshops to determine the questions for the virtual assistant to answer

The MindBehind Studio team developed dialog flows suitable for Aksigorta

We carried out data training and tests.

ADA went live on Aksigorta’s website in 2018

What does ADA do?

In the insurance sector, there are many products for which customers require support and assistance before, during, and after purchase decisions. ADA is an intelligent virtual assistant that services customers instantaneously, circumventing the long wait times on Call Centers and emails, ameliorating customer experiences and easing the load on Call Centers.

ADA is accessible on the website to provide information and to facilitate insurance procedures for Aksigorta customers. While ADA benefits customers with its 24/7 non-stop service, it also saves time and resources on Aksigorta’s internal operations.

In addition to answering questions instantly, ADA also assists customers with their  requests. After collecting the necessary information from the customer, ADA presents custom price quotes. If the customer requires more information on the price quote, ADA connects them to an authorized agency while providing the agency with the context of the conversation. As such, the virtual assistant ADA significantly accelerates the customer’s insurance journey. ADA also handles customer queries about the add-on benefits attached to their insurance policy, such as dental or air conditioning maintenance, helping get in touch with or get appointments from providers.
In 2020, the number of conversations ADA had was more than
ADA increased the leads collected on the website by
Conversations ADA completed on its own

How ADA Expedited Claims Processes

With ADA, we aim to enhance customer experiences by answering all their questions through virtual assistants. We also aim to enable customers to complete over virtual assistants claims processes, the area with the highest concentration of insurance queries.

To achieve this, we developed a virtual assistant through which the state of a claims process can be checked as often as necessary. We had started out with a goal of 20.000 queries per month, this number has exceeded 30.000 since then and continues to increase. We also ran customer satisfaction surveys following queries. Our initial CSAT goal was 3,5 out of 5; we have since then achieved a customer satisfaction average of 4,4/5.

Following our success in ensuring efficiency for such heavy traffic, the next step was to incorporate WhatsApp Business. We integrated ADA to WhatsApp, enabling Aksigorta customers to reach ADA at the convenience of their smartphones. Customers can now text ADA on WhatsApp to get support 24/7 and access their claims files at any time.

Next, we developed an AI-based assistant to answer the questions that arise following claims queries. Instead of directing customers to the Call Center for further questions upon viewing their claims files, we put a virtual assistant to work to answer questions and resolve issues.

We concurrently integrated a feature for ADA to collect the complaints and requests customers may file upon viewing their claims files. ADA immediately conveys the filed complaints and requests to the relevant team, who can rapidly take action to support the customer.

Finally, we integrated WhatsApp Push Notifications. Through this feature, updates, and notifications about their claims processes can be  sent out to individual customers in a timely manner before they need to request it.
satisfaction rate


The number of conversations ADA had exclusively on claims processes


Average monthly

20.000 – 30.000

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