Avis’s Conversational AI
Success Story

Avis at a Glance

Avis Turkey is a global car rental company that started operating in Turkey in 1974 as the first of its kind. As the industry leader, Avis boasts the widest car rental network and the biggest automobile fleet in Turkey.

Avis Turkey is well known among consumers for its award-winning customer satisfaction standards. Avis ranks as the leader in customer satisfaction in the EMEA region with more than a hundred offices across Turkey, Greece, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Northern Iraq.

Avis Digital Assistant

Since its establishment, Avis has placed customer experience at the focal point of its business model. To satisfy the changing digital habits of its customers, Avis was aiming to transform its communication channels.

We started our operations for bringing Avis’s stellar customer experience aboard the next generation of UX through digital assistants in 2017 when the conversational turn in customer communications had only just begun in Turkey. We determined that the AI-powered Avis Digital Assistant would primarily answer questions about the brand and car rental processes, providing a holistic messaging experience by handing the conversation over to a human representative where needed. Following our comprehensive groundwork of six months, Avis Digital Assistant went live in November 2017.

How We Developed Avis Digital Assistant

We set up workshops to determine the questions for the virtual assistant to answer.

MindBehind Studio team developed dialog flows.

We carried out data training and tests.

Avis Digital Assistant went live on avis.com.tr in November 2017.

What Does Avis Digital Assistant Do?

First launched on avis.com.tr, Avis Digital Assistant started serving customers on WhatsApp through WhatsApp Business API in 2020. Avis Digital Assistant is designed to prioritize customer experience and offer personalized solutions on both platforms. It supports customers through the car rental process, answering their questions before, during, and after they rent a car with Avis.

In addition, customers can make reservations for personal, corporate, fleet, motorbike, and caravan rentals through Avis Digital Assistant on the website and WhatsApp. Rerouting the conversation over to a human representative only when necessary, Avis Digital Assistant decreases the contact volume on the call center and reduces waiting times, providing instant and around-the-clock service to Avis customers.

Being one of the biggest automobile rental companies in Turkey, rental reservations comprised the majority of Avis’s contact volume. We automated these processes to enable customers to make reservations through Avis Digital Assistant. It started out taking reservations only from individual customers; in 2020 Avis Digital Assistant can take reservations for corporate rentals, fleets, motorbikes, and caravans, and file them directly on Avis’s CRM system.
The rate of cost savings in 2020
Conversations it completed entirely on its own
The customer contact volume that the Digital Assistant handles


Accurate comprehension and response rate
Avis Digital Assistant is monitored and trained monthly to improve the range of questions it can answer and its comprehension accuracy. As of 2020, it can answer over 160 questions accurately.

With its dedicated customer service, Avis continues to support its customers after the rental process. As the common post-rental touchpoints include case-specific deposit returns and invoicing, we have decided to have Avis Digital Assistant hand such queries over to a human representative after providing the customer with the relevant information.  

Later on, we introduced the Conversation Expert position to the MindBehind Studio team as a sectoral first and started managing all of Avis’ customer messaging channels. With the bilateral customer communication system we innovated in 2020 for Avis, we have also contributed to the landscape of conversational industries.

Avis Digital Assistant in Numbers

With the introduction of WhatsApp to Avis’s customer communication channels in 2020, there was a surge in the number of conversations Avis Digital Assistant had. Among the reasons for this surge, we can count the inertia induced by the pandemic to the digitalizing habits of consumers, the shift from company to customer-centric communication models, and the increasing popularity of WhatsApp Business API between brands and consumers.

The number of conversations Avis Digital Assistant had since November 2017


Rental Processes in Numbers

The number of rental reservations received by the digital assistant:
All the digital rental reservations that the Avis Digital Assistant completed:

Thanks to MindBehind, Avis’s AI based digital assistant can complete 70% of its conversations on its own, without falling back on live agents. This increases our confidence in AI powered customer communications.

Esra Arslanbaş Kaynak
Avis Marketing Director

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