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4 Ways To Use Instagram Auto DM to Increase Conversion Rate

Aug 9, 2021 1:16:40 PM / by MindBehind Team



How to sell on Instagram?” or “When is the best time to post on Instagram to reach out to more users?” are two of the most frequently asked questions. Business owners who moved their brand to Instagram to increase their sales are looking constantly for Instagram marketing tips and successful Instagram marketing campaigns. As a result, every day some new solutions to generate Instagram followers for brands’ Instagram pages and communication tools that strengthen the bond between a brand and clients are invented. 


Today, we will talk about one of them, the Instagram auto DMs. 

Please continue reading to discover how to use auto DMs on Instagram to increase your conversion rate.


1. Get more potential customers


Engagement on Instagram is what brings you to the fore and what makes you get more followers. And one of the most effective ways to increase engagement is auto DM replies. Thanks to the Messenger API for Instagram, you are able to integrate a chatbot on your business’ communication channels that you use to interact with customers. 


MindBehind offers one of the most effective chatbots to improve your interaction with potential buyers. Instead of using a follower bot which will only get you a bunch of fake followers who really aren’t interested in your products or what you share, using a chatbot for Instagram organic growth helps you to get real people as followers who are interested in your business and what you sell. 


  • Your chatbot can send auto comments on your posts.
  • You can use a chatbot to automatically answer the DMs. 
  • A chatbot can immediately send auto messages to Instagram users who mention you in their stories.


2. Welcome new clients

Some of the people who visit your business’ Instagram page are your new clients. So, it’s important to send them a welcome message to make them feel taken care of. Once a user sends a DM in your inbox, your integrated chatbot can greet them with an instant auto DM. Use MindBehind’s chatbot to create your special greeting message. At the end of the message, you can add a menu where you list the options that people can move forward with. For example, you can add your catalog, price list, or live agent’s contact information. By giving the potential buyer options, you attract their attention and as the conversation progresses, it becomes easier to direct them to your website for purchase.


3. Automize FAQs

Generally, people ask similar questions about products and businesses. Instead of leaving them to themselves to find the FAQ section on your website, you can adjust your chatbot to respond to frequently asked questions automatically. The AI captures relevant keywords on a DM and sends the most appropriate answer to your client. Also, MindBehind can keep the data of your conversations with the clients. Thus, you can get feedback from MindBehind and customize your automatic answers. 


4. DM potential customers who comment on your posts

Advertising on Instagram stories is a good way to reach people but there is no interaction if they don’t reply to your stories or reshare them. Getting into deeper communication with the potential customers by moving the conversation from comments to DM will eventually bring you organic engagement. MindBehind provides you with a fully functioning comment and DM auto-responder for Instagram. When people hear from you right after they make a comment, it will make them want to ask more questions before the buying process. At some point, you will be able to send them an Instagram direct message link to direct the Instagram traffic to your website.



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MindBehind Team

Written by MindBehind Team