7 Revolutionary Innovations of Education Chatbots

April 26, 2022
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Günce Gülseçgin
Content Writer
“Education is not received. It is achieved.”
-Albert Einstein

While Einstein has a point in claiming it is up to individuals to choose to absorb the gifts of education, 21st Century makes learning quite easy by knocking at the door of students via the internet and online learning with tools such as ai chatbots specifically designed for education. In fact, studies prove that among the industries that benefit the most from the use of chatbots, education comes in the top 5. In this blog, we will be analyzing the 7 reasons why education chatbots became this huge in the industry.

What AI Chatbots Can Do for Education

24/7 Assistance— While classes take place during the day, learning continues all day long, this means students will require help 24/7 and look for ways to understand the materials. With the correct data provided by the chatbots 24/7, educators can assess and decide on the topics that require the most help and organize their chatbots to help in these matters.  

Gather Feedback— Chatbots offer key insights and analysis on the use patterns of the users, in this case, the students. By collecting data on the most frequently asked questions, educators can have insight into the most problematic parts of their materials and focus on these topics, either in the classroom or through chatbots.  

Offer Personal Tutoring— Not everyone is the same, hence it comes as no surprise when different students learn in different ways. With enough insight and analysis of chatbots, student profiles can be created and chatbots can offer specialized, personalized training for different types of student profiles. This way, chatbots do not only serve students with different backgrounds and learning styles but also serve students with disabilities.

Provide Administrative Consultation— Queries do not only come from course materials but also administrative issues. It is up to the owner of the chatbots to decide on which topics chatbots can serve the students, but if desired, they can be adjusted to help both with course materials and administrative issues.

ai chatbot benefits for education

Work on Multiple Channels— Students come from all types of backgrounds, some of them can reach all kinds of platforms while others might be limited to only websites or mobiles. Chatbots work on different channels from websites to WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and many more that help them reach everyone on the internet.  

Organize & Conduct Online Exams— One of the many gifts of the globalizing world is the diverse options students get through online studying. Chatbots can offer educational institutions the option to conduct online exams through its many integrations and can even note the exam results immediately.  

Help Ease Enrollment Process— One of the most complicated processes in education involves the issues with enrollment. Be it enrollment documents, deadlines or dates, scholarships and stipends, or other issues involved in the process, chatbots can provide immediate help 24/7 both for students and potential students either by providing information or accepting documents online.

How to Get an AI Chatbot?

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