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All You Need to Know About WhatsApp Business

Jul 5, 2021 4:06:21 PM / by MindBehind Team


WhatsApp provides companies additional features and allows them to create corporate accounts with the WhatsApp Business for small businesses and WhatsApp Business API for enterprises. Now business owners can control both their personal WhatsApp accounts and their company accounts, giving their customers a premium experience. Currently, WhatsApp for enterprises is available for free on iOS and Android devices.

WhatsApp Business API is one of the best digital solutions for companies that want to use WhatsApp for business and professional customer support service. It uses the chatbot feature that is also provided by MindBehind.

If a free, single-user product will do the trick, you can download the WhatsApp Business app and start using it right away. However, if you are looking for a more advanced solution with multiple users and devices, then we definitely recommend WhatsApp Business API to handle the large customer volume.


Features of WhatsApp Business Application

1- Customizable Profile

One feature that makes WhatsApp Business a good choice for businesses is that it allows you to create a profile for your company. In this way, you can share important information about your company such as the company's address, e-mail, website and logo.

2- Quick Replies

Quick replies allow you to save and reuse your answers so when communicating with a customer, you can reply to the questions with one click.

3- Automatic Replies

With this feature, business owners will be able to automatically send template messages to their customers when they are not available. All you have to do is write a template message in the Away Message section in the Settings section and enter the times this message will be sent. It works just like a virtual secretary.

Likewise, you can send fast and ready answers with Whatsapp Business API, thus you can return to incoming messages faster.

4- Catalog

The catalog feature, which you can enrich by adding descriptions, prices and photos about your services and products, is one of the features you should definitely use for marketing and sales oriented businesses.

5- Statistics

With the statistics feature, detailed information such as how many messages were sent or how many of these messages received replies can be seen. This feature, which is also available in the Whatsapp Business API, allows you to measure your communication traffic.


What Are the Limits of the WhatsApp Business Application?

1- Single Device

One of the disadvantages of the WhatsApp Business is the lack of multi-device support. The most important feature that companies use Business API for is its multi-agent and multi-platform support. You can have many different customer representatives from many different devices. Thus, you can return to your customers in the fastest way and increase the satisfaction rate.

2- Single User

Another restrictive feature of the WhatsApp Business is that it only allows a single user. Therefore, your customers may have to wait in line to get a response. This is not a restriction for WhatsApp Business API as it offers AI powered virtual assistants. You can develop and integrate a chatbot that can serve your customers 24/7. Thus, while your customers find answers to their standard questions without losing time, you avoid spending manpower for such tasks. Thanks to MindBehind, you can create a chatbot  in minutes with our simple drag-and-drop interface without coding or technical knowledge. You can get your first WhatsApp chatbot live in minutes using ready-to-use chatbot templates.


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