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Brands That Successfully Integrate Chatbots To Their Business

Sep 14, 2020 10:44:24 AM / by MindBehind Team

mb_wp_business_BlogIn this article, we will talk about local and global brands that were able to integrate chatbots successfully to their business models.


DoNotPay is a free to use AI chatbot developed by British entrepreneur Joshua Browder. Browder calls it the “first robot lawyer in the world”, and says it helped disputing 375.000 parking tickets within two years.

Now providing AI powered free law consultancy, the DoNotPay chatbot gives users the ability to actually sue others with just a click of a button. It can also be used to sue institutions and help people after just icenavigate through complex bureaucratic processes.



KLM has developed a chatbot that people can use via Messenger to get their questions answered, and find their flight information easily. There were other airline companies who provided a similar service, but KLM decided that those weren’t reliable enough and wanted the communication tobe more personalized. Taking that insight as a starting point, the brand added a “send message” button to its page to connect it susers to the chatbot service.


This service resulted in a 40% increase in the Facebook messages the brand received. The chatbot can successfully perform tasks like confirming reservations, sending check-in notifications, and updating flight status. In addition, with the help of the survey available on this chatbot, KLM can see if the customers are happy with their customer services.

Otokoç Automative

Otokoç Automative brands including Avis, Budget and Otokoç are able to answer all your questions regarding car rentals, campaigns andbilling, with the help of the chatbots they have designed with SOR’UN team. After typing your question into the message box, you are quickly directed tothe relevant options to satisfy your request.

As you can see in the Avis example in the video below, you are able to file a car rental request just by typing in a few details like your city and the date you need to take the car, using the chatbot. After roughly aminute, your request is taken and all you need to do is to confirm.


If you want to simplify, accelerate and improve your operations with AI powered chatbots as well, you can always contact us.


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