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Chatbots for Travel Industry

Feb 4, 2020 4:36:23 PM / by Mind Behind Team

Travel-Industry-In our modern era, traveling has increased massively which led to the growth of tourism and hospitality industries. Research has shown that the younger generations, also known as millennials, have travelled more than any generation known so far, even more than the Baby Boomers generation. The reasons may be connected to the great advancements in technology and transportation which has brought the world much closer than it has ever been previously. 
Focusing on the developments in technology, we can now say that we live in an era of speed, where anything is available at the tips of your fingers. Especially the millennials, being born into an era of technology, are aware of the constant developments and eager to use new methods which will make their life much easier and faster. One of these developments is the usage of chatbots.

Most consumers prefer messaging apps rather than calling a live agent or going into an agency to arrange their travel. Messaging apps have become even more popular than social media, where rather than looking for attractions on social media, the consumers would like to be notified on their phones through their messaging apps and arrange their travels at that point in time. The consumers prefer the “instant bookings” and spontaneous travel plans rather than planning a trip in the winter for the coming summer holidays. This is where chatbots become extremely helpful.

Chatbots can serve people 24/7 on any messaging platform that the consumers are comfortable using. They serve as personal assistants at any moment of your customers’ journey on any topic that they wish to have assistance. Moreover, whenever an issue or a desire pops up in your customers’ brain, they can ask about the topic to the chatbot, which provides instant customer satisfaction. In this era of speed where technology made our lives flow much faster, a chatbot that can adhere to the questions of your customers guarantees full satisfaction for your business.

People search for meaningful travel experiences where they can escape the reality of their lives or the stress of the mundane rhythm of daily life. They don’t wish to spend hours planning their next travel while they can enjoy their free time. That is why chatbots are appealing to people who live in the era of technology. As chatbots act like their personal assistants, they can help travellers on planning every part of their journey. Starting from booking their flight to looking for attractions to visit and activities to participate in, chatbots covers the full package for travellers and all they have to do is to write the question and they are bombarded with different solutions that are suitable for different budget ranges and different tastes for travelling.

What would be the advantage of chatbots for your business? Firstly, the chatbots are multilingual, which means that you won’t have to pay so much money for a skilled, multilingual live agent who can speak some of the main languages but not all. Having multilingual chatbots will appeal to your customers as they will be able to use whatever language they are most comfortable communicating in.

Chatbots can increase income for you, as you will be employing less people on contact centres which means that this money flow can be used in different areas to improve your business such as advertising and personalizing the experience of your users. Chatbots prevent boredom for consumers as browsing for the best offer might take ages and this can discourage the consumers to use your website. Thanks to chatbots, sales period can be shortened as your chatbot can easily analyse the data which the users put in, such as budget, destination and time of travel, and offer the best solution for your consumers which, while reducing the amount of time to plan for your consumers, means that they have more time to focus on the other deals that you might offer.

Lastly, chatbots can send feedback messages at the end of your customers’ journey and this allows you to have important information on tracking your customer satisfaction rates and improving the experience you offer for next time. Feedbacks also help you to show your customers that not only during sales, but also in after sale processes, you care to hear their opinions and are willing to improve their journey.

Chatbots are pre-written and organized ways in communicating with your customers. In the case of complaints, chatbots can save the data and inform you on pleasures and displeasures of your customers. Chatbots also lead to good relationship management with your customers through messages that your customers get before their arrival (such as pre-arrival reminders, best ways of transportation from the airport to their hotel), during their stay (entertainment options, sightseeing tours and attractions that they can visit) and after their journey (satisfaction feedbacks and recommendation data from your customers which you can then use for other customers).

Chatbots are profitable for your company and for your customers in terms of budgeting for your business and time saving for you and your customers. Especially in travel and hospitality industry, chatbots can help you and your customers instantly, which leads to immediate customer satisfaction and happiness.

Mind Behind Team

Written by Mind Behind Team