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Click WhatsApp and Messenger Ads Advertising Model

Jan 13, 2020 9:35:10 PM / by MindBehind Team

By means of Click on WhatsApp advertising model, a WhatsApp button can be added to the ads created on Facebook. Using this button, users can contact companies via WhatsApp.


How do they work?

To be able to take advantage of Facebook's Click on WhatsApp advertising model, you need first to have a WhatsApp Business profile. For this, users must create their own company profiles after downloading the WhatsApp Business application and entering the required information. The most important things you have to do before creating an advertisement are to connect your WhatsApp account with your Facebook page and to be the page's admin. Then, users can easily carry out the steps in the flow of ad creation over Facebook Ads Manager. Users should follow the guidelines to complete the ad creation process. Click on WhatsApp advertisement model is currently available for advertising purposes, including Messages, Traffic, Conversions (for the website) and Page Interaction.

Click on Messenger ads work in the same way. A button at the bottom of an image or video ads appearing on the news feed directs the user to the Messenger app. You can use the ad creation flow of Facebook's Ads Manager to create Click on Messenger ads. It is possible to easily create Click on Messenger ads by following the guidelines, and they work with the advertising purposes of Messages and Conversions. Customers or potential customers can communicate directly with the companies via these advertising models. These tools allow you to perform many tasks directly, such as increasing sales or answering the questions on the customers' mind.

What are their benefits?

Thanks to Click on WhatsApp and Click on Messenger advertising models, the speech experience has become a marketing strategy. Both of these advertising models show similarities with the process from advertising to messaging. These two models also have small differences in terms of advertising purposes. In the near future, such advertising models that enable users to switch from advertising to direct messaging are anticipated to become popular. Lately, the intense use of messaging applications also helps such advertisements become increasingly popular. Moreover, Click on WhatsApp and Click on Messenger advertising models allow brands to be more accessible, giving consumers an intense and intimate interaction experience.

Business owners receive more productive feedbacks with the development of digital tools supported by innovative technologies, such as artificial intelligence and deep learning. Personalized experiences also change people's consumption habits. Companies can reach people who communicate with friends and family directly, simply and effectively through messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Messenger. By means of such innovative applications, businesses can easily access user statistics about the messaging process. Thereby they can create more efficient digital marketing strategies. Channels such as Facebook and WhatsApp still catch the attention of advertisers with their attractive working models as well as their large groups of users. Contact with us to learn how Click-to WhatsApp and Click-to Messenger advertising models can help your business and listen to our solutions. Catch the future with us.

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