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November 30, 2021
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Ahter Ece Mutluer
Conversational AI Designer

Everybody knows that Instagram has taken over our daily lives. Every day, we check our accounts on a regular basis. According to recent research, Instagram has 500 million daily active users throughout the world in 2021.

Instagram is no longer considered as just a photo-sharing app where you can use filters and share posts. You can still do all that, but it now has way more potential to be considered as such. With so many daily visitors, it is not a surprise that it has become such a big marketplace. Such global access, much successful public relations, right? Major companies do not only use Instagram to sell their products, but they also use it to provide instant customer support.

Instant customer support does not always have to mean that a live agent is there to support you. Instead, companies can use AI-based virtual assistants to understand customer needs and reach not one but multiple customers at the same time. To achieve this, DM box has now become our playground. But, how exactly do we use it?

Let us show you how:

What you see below is a virtual assistant we’ve created for a movie platform.

An Instagram chatbot offering customer support on a movie rental platform.

Customers can also ask FAQs such as “What are the membership options?” or “How can I change my password?” and get an answer in just a few seconds.

This Instagram virtual assistant can collect information from users and store that data. Also, it enables users to change their information if they want to. The safe data storage that MindBehind provides is beneficial for our clients who are in need of getting information based on customer identity and behaviors. It’s also important to note that we make sure to collect data according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Instagram allows virtual assistants to be further developed each day. Now, there is another structure we are able to use to support customers more effectively, and it’s called “card structure.” With cards, it’s possible to share 1x1 pictures and add buttons for customers to choose what they want to do next. In addition to this, it’s even possible to provide customers with a link for payment.

An Instagram chatbot helping customers rent a movie with card structure.

We’ve covered enough about Instagram and what it enables us to do through DMs. Now, let us tell you about MindBehind and the doors that it can open for businesses. MindBehind offers exceptional customer service using Instagram and many other social media platforms and messaging channels, where you can improve your PR game. It creates a safe and reliable zone for customers to easily communicate with brands via AI-based virtual assistants. MindBehind also offers clients an additional live chat feature with MindBehind Live, which your customer support team can easily access and use for live support. And, of course, it’s compatible with Instagram and many more platforms.

Aside from reinforcing your customer support services, if you’re interested in supercharging your marketing strategy with Instagram direct messages, see what our friends at MobileMonkey have to say on the topic in their article, “Instagram Direct Message Marketing.” Make sure you check out their insightful take on the subject and take a careful look at their awesome Instagram DM marketing examples and templates!

If you’d like to impact of your brand in all aspects, Instagram’s new DM features are exactly what you’re looking for! Benefit from all Instagram has to offer and provide live chat support with MindBehind right now, right away!

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