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How e-commerce chatbot helps you maximize your Black Friday sales

Nov 24, 2020 12:50:39 PM / by MindBehind Team

mb_how-chatbot-can-help-you-to-deal-with-Black-Friday_BLOG (1)Black Friday is an enormous chance for e-commerce enthusiasts, but with so many companies offering Black Friday discounts, it may be difficult to stay competitive.

A Black Friday chatbot is a great way to emerge this year. These virtual sales assistants help you differentiate your customer experience and increase sales.

This year’s Black Friday sales estimates expects record-breaking growth

According to forecast shared by Business Insider, total spend for Black Friday weekend is expected to hit $59.6 billion with the best growth since 2011. ‍Many online retailers are gearing up to handle the increased traffic;

In a recent study, 68% of Black Friday shoppers reported that they will be doing most of their buying online.

Sales chatbots are here to help

Black Friday chatbots help companies take advantage of these online buying trends. Many companies are turning to sales chatbots as an alternative to hiring extra seasonal help.

While sales chatbots help reduce operational costs and staffing demands, their value extends far beyond helping companies save money. Chatbots widgets gives a personalized shopping experience for customers that powers sales.

Sales chatbots prevent from cart abandonment

Cart abandonment is an issue that plagues online retailers all year-round, and Black Friday is no exception.

In 2017, the average cart abandonment rate on Black Friday was 74.5%. This number jumps to 81.1% when looking at mobile-only data.

Many shoppers add items to their cart and intent to come back when they go on sale. This is particularly often phenomenon on Black Friday when customers expect retailers to start promotions.

A sales chatbot is a kind of personal assistant that in a friendly way sends recommendations and suggestions. They facilitate the check out processes, all in a way that feels like shopping with a friend.

Sales chatbots are 24/7 available 

Chatbots help people with exchanges, returns, and frequently asked questions. This frees up human agents to handle more important service issues. And, a chatbot can seamlessly hand-off a conversation to a human when it is necessary . The result is a high-functioning customer service team that’s ready to take on the Black Friday madness.

Assistants maximize profits year-round

Your Black Friday chatbot id not done after Black Friday. It delivers long-term value to your customer service team. For chatbots, increasing sales is a 24/7 job that lasts all year-round.


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