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How to increase your engagement and sales through Instagram?

Aug 2, 2021 5:11:03 PM / by MindBehind Team

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We all know that nowadays people spend more time on Instagram than any other social media platform. Over 1 billion users visit their Instagram profiles and usually spend more than 50 minutes every day.


There is no wonder why business owners try to find tips on Instagram marketing to increase their sales. When you have a business account in the friendly environment of Instagram, where people usually log in to check their family members' and friends’ posts, your profile becomes more clickable since it doesn’t give customers the “salesman” vibe at first glance.

So, now let’s go deeper to find out how to sell on Instagram and how to drive Instagram traffic to your website?


1. Connect with your customers through Instagram DMs


There are many strategies to increase your sales on Instagram. However, your own website is the best place to offer your goods or services online. This means that you should first find the answer to the question of how to increase traffic on Instagram and then, how to direct this traffic to your website. 


By automating Instagram with MindBehind’s chatbots integrated on your profile, you won’t miss any messages from your clients even if you don’t have employees who work 24/7. Your chatbot creates and sends out automatic replies to comments that contain questions, in addition to automated DM replies when your customer reaches out, recognizing the motivations and needs of your customer at the moment they get in contact with your brand. Let’s see briefly what can your chatbot do:


  • Your chatbot (integrated via the Instagram automation tool) can create auto-replies to all kinds of messages in your DMs and reply to post comments by recognizing certain keywords (such as “how much” or “price”).
  • When you build a menu-based chatbot, your customers can choose the relevant questions out of the menu to learn more about the product they want to buy, guiding their buyer’s journey and increasing conversions.
  • When you have a new follower on your business profile, your chatbot can send a welcome message to call your new potential buyer’s attention.


2. Use Instagram stories to catch your customer’s eye


Advertising on Instagram stories is an important way to present your products to the Instagram community. With the new DM and comment automation feature introduced with the Instagram Messenger API, the replies you receive on your stories can be answered instantly.


If you use an AI-powered chatbot on your profile, you can immediately reply to the stories that mention your brand. Your chatbot will send related auto-messages and will make the person feel that their support of your brand is valuable. This fosters engagement and loyalty while creating brand ambassadors for your customers.

3. Increase engagement by automatically replying to comments


Being reachable at all times is better than offering an online support service from 9 AM to 6 PM only. When you use a chatbot on your Instagram profile, no matter what time it is, customers who messaged your page or left a comment will get an answer. Getting immediate replies will delight them; they will feel taken care of. 


Another great thing about automated comments is that they can attract traffic to your website. Depending on the context, your chatbot might put a link to your website on its comment reply. Moreover, by demonstrating your brand's engagement through instantaneous replies, you naturally encourage people to comment more and get in touch with you. In this way, automated comment replies increase visibility and encourage engagement on Instagram.

If you are interested in increasing your sales via MindBehind’s chatbots, you can learn more about us, how we work and what kinds of chatbots we have from our website.

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