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In What Areas Can Companies Use WhatsApp Business?

Aug 10, 2020 1:06:26 PM / by Mind Behind Team

What areas of WhatsApp Business can be used? How to integrate with chatbots? You can find the answers to our questions in our new blog post.

WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging application worldwide. As well as personal use, the application also targets enterprises with WhatsApp Business. The application, which has been in our lives since 2009, has reached 1.5 billion users in 180 countries as of 2019 and one billion of these users actively use this application every day. Given this number of users, the application has great potential for both individual and corporate use. But in what areas can companies benefit from WhatsApp Business?


Customer communication is an inseparable part of the customer experience. Nowadays, customers want companies and brands to respond to them instantly, otherwise, they give up purchasing the product or service and stop being a customer of the brand because they can't find answers to their questions or complaints. Even though messages or phone calls are tried to be answered quickly by employees, it can be difficult to respond immediately, due to reasons such as workload, excessive communication demand, and the insufficient number of staff. "WhatsApp Business" tries to solve this problem with its new business application by meeting the need for quick communication between companies and customers as if they were conducting standard WhatsApp correspondence. The application makes the communication process faster and more efficient by utilizing chatbots to maintain this communication.

The data indicates that there are three million users using WhatsApp Business's business side. This means that three million users communicate with brands using the live messaging app every day. Although this figure is low in terms of the total number of users, it is expected that these figures will increase in the future.


Renault Turkey that is a brand who wants to benefit from chatbots in digital communications in order to improve the customer experience and satisfaction conducted by WhatsApp Business API integration. This integration that is grounded by MindBehind cooperation is initiated with the motto “We walk you through WhatsApp, in order for you to not walk more" and communication with customers through the application is mainly carried out with WhatsApp Business.

With this business partnership which provides great success in digital communication, the questions, requests from the customers or companies receive faster answers. This integration is especially important for the solving urgent problems. Thanks to MindBehind chatbots, which is involved in the integration of the media and the management of the moderation process, Renault is at the forefront of digital communication.

In addition, the visuals and videos shared through the application make it easier for customers to get the service they need. Because problems in the automotive sector that require snapshots may arise. WhatsApp Business solves this problem with its photo and video sending capabilities.


Another benefit of WhatsApp Business API is the ability to evaluate feedback from the customers. In addition, the “quick answers” section makes it easy to answer frequently asked questions asked by customers.

Through chatbots, businesses can send automatic messages at the time when they cannot reply. In this way, even if the company cannot respond, customers will not be missed by reading these messages sent to them. This advantage also plays an important role in increasing customer loyalty and customer experience.


Another area where companies can use WhatsApp Business is marketing and promotion. The fact that approximately 60 billion messages can be sent each day via the application shows how great this opportunity is for marketing and promotional activities. However, since there is no advertising space on the application, companies need to find creative methods.

Informing loyal customers in advance about new products and services is one of the strategies that can be followed. WhatsApp Business is also an ideal marketing area for small and medium-sized enterprises. Companies can group their customers under different labels through the application. Along with separate labels, such as new orders, payments, troubleshooting; managing customers' requests and questions can become easier and more economical.

In addition to labels and groups, companies can also create their own custom company profiles on the application. In addition, general information about the company can be shown to users as profile information. It is also possible to add details such as the address of the company, the area it serves and the working days and hours. So, customers can find all the information they need on a single platform and make a faster purchase decision.

MindBehind acts as a flawless solution partner for your WhatsApp Business API integration processes. How about taking a step into the future and making "chatbots" a part of your business? You can contact MindBehind immediately now to learn about chatbots, which you can use to succeed in digital communication.





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