Increase Customer Retention With Virtual Assistants

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So, you want to grow your business. You want to attract customers and have them come back for more.

Sounds like an excellent plan!

But, how do you get there?

We’ve all heard the saying – customer comes first – right? To get what you want, you need to first focus on what your customers want.

Here’s why:

In today’s hectic business world, you must keep up with the industry and continuously improve your marketing and customer support strategy. If you fail to do so, you may lose your potential customers to the competition in the blink of an eye.

Keeping your customers satisfied is the key to sustain and grow your business. But how do you keep them satisfied? How do you give customers what they want?

Offer Top-Notch Customer Support

Negative customer experience is one of the biggest roadblocks to your company’s success. In fact, 30% of customers will leave a brand and never come back because of a bad experience.

But, how do you avoid a bad experience?

In today’s fast-paced business world, customers expect to receive answers to their questions immediately. They want their problems solved at any time, when it’s the most convenient for them. They demand high-quality support, 24/7.

When engaging with your company, customers don’t want you to keep them waiting. According to a study, over 50% of customers expect a business to be available 24/7.

By providing customers with consistent support services around the clock, you can be sure to gradually gain their trust and win their loyalty. This way, you will convert your customers into repeat buyers and improve brand advocacy.

Maintain an Omnichannel Presence

Do you want your customers to have a seamless experience while engaging with your company?

If the answer is yes, then, this is your cue to go omnichannel.

Customers don’t want to be stuck with just one way of doing things. They want options. They want a company that is accessible through a wide range of channels to choose from. One of the many advantages of implementing omnichannel support is offering your customers the freedom to connect with your brand through channels they feel the most comfortable with.

As you provide your customers with the flexibility of switching between channels, you don’t only maintain consistency across various channels and platforms, but also deliver speedy answers and solutions, achieving a faster resolution time. This way, your customers get to choose their favorite channels to connect with you and get faster responses in return.

Once you adopt a customer-centric approach like this, there is no reason your customer retention rate shouldn’t skyrocket!

Personalize Customer Experiences

To be able to give your customers what they want, you must first get to know each and every one of them.

But, how do you do that?

By putting your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools to the use, you can track and store customer interactions, such as their buying patterns, channel preferences and many more. By gathering insightful information about their interactions in addition to their geographical and demographic data, you can develop targeted personalized engagement that resonates with your customers.

Once you get a better grasp of who your target audience is, you will not only be able to give them what they want today, but also predict what they might want tomorrow. Based on their purchase history, activity and preferences, you can offer your customers more accurate recommendations and special offers. This way, you will be able to personalize buyer journeys, enhance customer engagement, and boost your sales, all at once.


Wouldn’t it be relieving if there was a quick and easy way of achieving all this?

Do you wish there was an all-in-one platform that would help your business be available 24/7, accessible through a wide range of channels and personalize your customer experiences, all at the same time?

Well, then, your wish is granted!

The power of machine learning technology has made this possible and called it intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs).

Virtual assistants are artificial intelligence software that simulate human conversation to interact with users through natural language. They are conversational AI agents that display the efficiency of a machine as well as the friendly approach of a human.

• Virtual assistants never sleep! So, they are at the disposal of your customers at any time of any day. They provide immediate, automated, error-free solutions.

• Available via multiple contact channels, virtual assistants let users interact with your brand through their preferred channels, enhancing customer satisfaction.

• Implementing advanced CRM tools, intelligent virtual assistants track and store valuable customer data in order to deliver tailored responses and personalized attention to accommodate all the unique needs of your customers.

Hopefully, you’ll agree with us when we say that IVAs are the future of commerce and customer support. In fact, 77% of customers say virtual assistants will transform their expectations of companies in the next 5 years.

If you too want a taste of the future, keep yourself and your customers happy, AI-powered IVAs are the way to go!

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