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Main Characteristics Of A Dialogue Designer, One Of The New Trending Professions Of The Online Market

Jan 13, 2020 9:30:30 PM / by MindBehind Team

Main-Characteristics-Of-1Conversation design is heavily owned by the sector, even though it is a new line of business. Chatbots that help brands reduce customer service costs, come to life in the hands of artificial intelligence conversation designers.

We almost hear you say, "Who are these artificial intelligence conversation designers?"

As follows, the persona creation of digital assistants that contain traces of each character, the pool creation of questions and demands that are likely to come from users, how these questions can be asked, the generation of alternative answers to these questions and the integration of the aforesaid processes, each of these are handled by i.e. UI/UX writers. In brief, artificial intelligence conversation designers provide the whole chatbot interaction with users.

Let's look together at what characteristic should someone have to be an artificial intelligence conversation designer.

Analyzing your society properly

Knowing the society you live in and being aware of how people express themselves what they do in their daily lives or what kind of culture they come from are among the most important elements of this business. Accordingly, we think individuals graduated from the departments of social sciences at universities will be more successful in this profession.

Being familiar with the language of your country, its dialects and synonyms

The language with which a person is raised is the language that dominates their daily speech jargon the most. Every language has a different set of verbal and written rules. Therefore, it is crucial for conversation designers to be native speakers. UI/UX writers should also have a full command of and perform all kinds of maneuvers in the verbal and written language of the relevant country.

On the other hand, knowing how the country you live in uses the language also gives you a clue about the historical, regional and political changes the country has undergone. In this respect, “native” individuals are preferred to write artificial intelligence conversations.

Having a persuasive and natural language

During their interaction of the users with chatbot, the aim is to make them feel as if there is a real person in front of them. The tone of the conversation must be intelligible and functional in order to have a natural flow. Hence, the artificial intelligence conversation designer must have a convincing style in the conversations, in accordance with the project-specific objective of the brand.

Having the power of imagination and ability of editing

Being competent in script writing is one of the required specifications of this work. As they are creating the persona determined for the brand, conversation writers should be very careful about protecting the brand identity, because these brands settle a language over the years. Brands use this language in all their interactions with their users. So, it is never right to seek adventure when designing a persona.

Predicting the next question or demand in conversation flows

Having the ability to see one step further during the conversation is an important characteristic for conducting a conversation, because the job of chatbot conversation designers is to create a real experience rather than simply writing texts. Thus, it is necessary to anticipate any questions or requests from the user and to create conversations accordingly.

Being open to technological developments and learning new things

One of the biggest parts of this profession is the technology. So, we need some technologies in order to bring the conversations to life. And the person must be open and willing to learn to integrate the work into various tools and to master all the technologies used in this field.

Having a good eye for a detailed test

The test stage constitutes the final touch. All possible scenarios should be created, and all flows should be checked before presenting the work to customers and live environment. The most demanding part of the work is the test step. Some companies even employ "testers" to create all possible scenarios and a detailed test.

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