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Multilingual assistant in one widget

Nov 11, 2020 10:27:22 AM / by MindBehind Team

mb_Multilingual-assistant-in-one-widget_BLOGThe role of chatbots is going to be bigger and better. With the emerging chatbots trends and market outlook, it is crucial for businesses to adopt innovative ways to deliver continuous customer engagement. 

Chatbot as globally used tool conquers all continents and in the same time- all languages group. In perfect situation the flow could be translated in the process of triggering but we all experienced not really fine machine translated pieces. Language perpetually evolves and changed under the pressure of social trends. To make your multilingual chatbot available for every possible language speakers, keep quality of language gold and keep conversation in one widget - try out MindBehind and its Forward to Bot action. 

Non AI-based bots with carousels, buttons can be created in other languages with ease as they are just like apps. In the case of AI-based bots, it is a completely different ball game. 

Before adding languages ask yourself if your users actually want to talk to your bot in their native languages. For most cases the answer would be yes. It’s a well-known fact that we like using products in our native languages. Plan ahead. Start with a one-language solution, code it to work with different languages from the start but don’t implement them yet; polish it, constantly tweak the script to improve the flow and responses based on what you’re getting from users; once the concept has been proved, start adding more languages. Start with one, the most popular language in your target group and then feel free to copy the structure and design of this bot. The rest of job leave for professional linguists and editors who can transform your bot into a fully successful native language speaking assistant.

In multicultural and multilingual environment it's needed to provide experienced and competent consultant. It's digital version is nothing else than digital assistant answering in all possible languages. By giving your users possibility to choose the desired language, you increase their trust and credibility of the assistant, therefore users and clients willingly come back.  

Once user chooses desired language, the master bot leads user to the X-language bot which answers creative questions of user. It is possible thanks to drag-n-drop design method which does not require any coding skills. Prepare your master assistant suggesting languages and your daughter bots in languages that your users will need, connect with Forward Bot Module and let your users enjoy their comfortable and cringe- free conversations in one widget. 

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MindBehind Team

Written by MindBehind Team