Reasons Why Government Chatbots Became This Popular

April 20, 2022
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Günce Gülseçgin
Content Writer

What do face masks and chatbots have in common?

The rapid increase in their production in the last 2 years, so the study shows.

It comes as no surprise since more and more people are trying to easily handle their issues over the internet rather than going to certain places and spare time and energy for their needs. And of course, those needs include some of the very important yet complicated ones such as the ones that involve government bodies, be it tax problems, hard-to-get appointments, form submissions, and many more. As people want to handle their problems without having to leave their house or waiting for days, governments started making use of chatbots more and more, and obviously, it is working out so well that 100% stated that they either plan to get a chatbot or they already have one. In today’s blog post, we will delve into why government chatbots have become so popular lately.  

Government Chatbots & Their Most Useful Features

chatbot use in government graphics and statistics
Source: GovTech

Easy & Instant Access to Public Data— Chatbots help people save time and avoid unnecessary travel costs and long waits by providing instant and easy access to information regarding government procedures, legal advisers, laws and acts, etc. Without having to roam around buildings to find the authorities, citizens can easily and directly talk to chatbots to reach to most frequently asked information.  

Multilingual Support— Countries can have official languages and their government organizations can render services in these languages, however, some minorities who are citizens of that country and don’t speak the official language can be high in number. As they are also entitled to be served, governments can make use of chatbots’ multilingual support options and have their chatbots speak several languages to assist their citizens.

Collect Citizens' Feedback— Chatbots offer key insights and analytics for the government agencies by collecting data on the customers’ use patterns and responses. Chatbots can be adjusted and monitored to receive feedback from citizens about many issues, by creating polls, asking for feedback at the end of the conversations, etc.

Receive Tax Payments— One of the best-liked features of chatbots is the payment integration through which customers can render payments safely through chatbots without leaving the screen. Government agencies can collect tax payments or bills or anything else they would like through chatbots with the help of these advanced payment integrations made available in recent years.  

list of ai chatbot benefits for governments

Give Appointments— To be able to get an appointment and meet with competent bodies can be hard especially if they don’t answer the phones or give appointments for 3 months later. If the organization uses chatbots, it can instantly check available dates and hours and schedule an appointment for the nearest available date.

Receive Complaint Requests – Citizens can have several complaints about several different issues, and it is their right to file a complaint. However, this process is usually complicated and rather time-consuming since citizens need to fill out several forms and go to different places to keep track of the process. Chatbots can be used to receive complaints from lapses in civic services like damaged roads to repeating problems.

Receive Form Submissions— Another laborious thing involving government or municipalities is to submit forms such as petitions, criminal background checks, construction permits, pension indemnity claims, and many others. Via chatbots, citizens can easily submit forms with just one click and start the process while being served in a much easier and quicker way.

How To Get a Government Chatbot?

It is not as complicated as it seems. When a government body decides to make use of chatbots, it can simply collaborate with a company with chatbot services and let them take the wheel. In MindBehind, as the official business partner of Meta, we offer you advanced level ai chatbots on multiple channels (Webchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.) in any language you want. We empower our chatbots with the latest technologies and integrations to make sure customers are being served in the best way possible. If you would like to get more information, feel free to contact us by filling out our form here.  

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