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Role of chatbots in battle against COVID-19

Mar 20, 2020 4:59:58 PM / by Mind Behind Team

Nowadays, COVID-19, Corona Virus, is the main struggle of the World. This virus has begun to spread from Wuhan, China and still spread quickly toward the other places in the World. Now, outside of China it spreads rapidly to Asia, Europe and America. It has spread at least 100 countries and everyday more people get infected and 3.4% of them die. Many company around the World try to find a solution for this virus and help people. Chatbots are decided to be used for this purpose. Because it is a complicated situation and human life is in danger, companies and scientists appeal to help of chatbots.mb_blog_post0320-1

As the new coronavirus spread, companies started developing their chatbots in healthcare. They update chatbots under the guidance of some criteria published by the CDC that whether or not a patient is considered infected.

The chatbots with AI system meant to offer patients remote care and like a traditional clinic visit from distant. Chatbots with AI based generally have an interview with patients via text messages and asking them questions about their symptoms. When patients report some criterions related to like shortness of breath and cough, the chatbots lead some specific questions related coronavirus such as Have you traveled to China recently? Or have you been around someone who has? When answers point out to probability of infection, there is a guidance which CDC published and this online so, patients can access it easily.

98point6 is one of the company that use chatbot for their patients. Dr. Brad Younggren, chief medical officer at 98point6 stated what are the importance of chatbots in such a time. He said that “We think we can really help direct people to the right care at the right time and give them quality information as it relates to this problem.” He added: “We can keep them from going into an environment to be tested, when maybe testing isn’t necessary.”

In Providence St. Joseph Health is also one of the company that use chatbot which name is Grace and it serves patient in a non-life-threatening conditions. The chatbot, built with Microsoft services, answers questions about potential coronavirus symptoms. Patient give information about his symptoms and Grace decide whether there is an in-office visit or not in the light of data that patient give to chatbot.

Aaron Martin, executive vice president and chief digital officer at Providence, said that "When the first COVID-19 patient was brought to Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett, WA, we mobilized the product development team in the Digital Innovation Group to work closely with Microsoft Azure and Health Bot teams. Version 1 of the chatbot was up and running with a COVID-19 specific pathway and questions within three days."

Grace serves a high demand for information. There are more than 150,000 messages per day between the bot and patient. The bot engagement rate on their COVID-19 advisory page, percentage of people who land on the advisory page and click on the self-assessment bot, is on average over 20%. The bot has served over 40,000 sessions since its launch.

Thanks to help of MindBehind, a chatbot is created in Philippines. The chatbot which name is Covey serves from Facebook and is available for all people who use social media. The creator of chatbot said that “Thank you, this pandemic is giving the Philippines a hard time, so I needed to create a Covid19 symptoms checker to help people to atleast check themselves in my area and I thought to create a chatbot since everyone is using social media apps like Facebook. It would take me a lot of time to code it from ground up and I have to get it done right away but then I saw MindBehind and I'm glad how quick it was to create a chatbot easily plus it already has Facebook integration. That saved me a lot of time so thank you.”

Another chatbot is created in a small Polish town and it includes faq about coronavirus and its symptoms, it gives links to reliable information like WHO and Polish governmental websites. It gives information what to do in case of covid symptoms, how to behave and where to call. There are tips from health organizations in Poland how to avoid and protect yourself from the virus and undoubtedly, verified and reliable information is provided.

The coronavirus spread among people rapidly and when people are in the same environment, come into contact with someone. Chatbots are extremely important to keep people safe and avoid them crowded environments such as emergency service or clinics unless necessary. Chatbots become highly important about fighting with coronavirus in this extraordinary situation and if the coronavirus cannot be treated, chatbots will be more important for diagnosis of patients.

If now you feel incredibly inspired by above examples of chatbot health support and wish to join one of our chatbot heroes now, it’s your turn. In prevention of COVID-19, try out MindBehind chatbot for unlimited conversations completely for free and contribute to international well-being and health. You can find us under link below!



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