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Skyrocket Your Sales with MindBehind

Oct 9, 2020 12:50:56 PM / by MindBehind Team


Are you constantly missing your leads? Your customer base reached a plateau and you feel palpable stagnation?

The use of such tools like AI based chatbot for marketing and support is pretty much the norm for any online businesses operating today. So if you have not met digital assistants yet it may be time to get a little help from them. Check how you can convert your website visitors into actually customers!

Stop customers from leaving

Over the past decade, roughly 70% of online shopping sessions have ended with the online equivalent of a sudden walkout. Adding items to a shopping cart and abandoning it in the middle of a store is rude but adding items to an online cart and then closing the page is the norm nowadays. Completing the whole purchase within a chatbot widget prevents leaving the cart as they are in the middle of engaging conversation in their favourite messaging app!

Why is that? According to Barilliance , customers are most likely to abandon their shopping cart after seeing unexpected shipping costs and extra activities.

Communicate it via chatbot, make the whole process transparent, gaining trust of your customers.

Get customer insights

A proactive chatbot helps to win your visitor's heart with a personalized message, making it easier for the customer to either engage at that moment, or return to the chat at a later time. Shoppers become more engaged with you when personalized product recommendations allow customers to buy from without leaving their favorite app - WhatsApp is one of them.

Let your chatbot personalize customer’s shopping experience​. A recommendation chatbot can deliver relevant product recommendations as customers shop. Personalized interactions from a recommendation chatbot show your customer that he is valued as an individual and will make them stay with you for longer!

MindBehind lets them choose their favorite product in the conversation with digital assistant. Including sizes, colours and all of options given by a producent.


Integrate with Shopify or T-Soft and complete the whole process within a chatbot

Once your Shopify or T-Soft is integrated with MindBehind you are ready to open new possibilities to your visitors. MindBehind keeps the whole process of shopping in the chat widget. From giving recommendations, through getting shipping address, ending with a successful payment.

Create a user friendly flow and let your customers add to cart the products they wish to buy (and remove them, too), share their shipping data, create and complete the order just to finally follow the delivery status.

All of these possibilities are achievable thanks to MindBehind + Shopify and T-Soft integration.  


MindBehind Team

Written by MindBehind Team