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Successful Christmas Chatbot Campaigns

Dec 3, 2020 11:18:08 AM / by MindBehind Team

mb_Christmas-Sales-Chatbot-Campaign_BLOGDecember has just started and Christmas is just around the corner! This a great opportunity to show off a little bit and beat competition to the punch with your innovative marketing solutions. Check out our Christmas chatbot campaign ideas and find one for yourself!  

1. Christmas contest with prizes ­čÄü

Nothing is more tempting and seductive than vision of a grand prize. Chatbot greeting its users with competition offer and prizes to win without nothing to lose - that's the way to keep clients close and happy! Implementation of an interactive Messenger campaign for the 2020 Christmas holiday season will exceed your expectations. Develop a gamified conversational experience in Messenger and wait for great results. 

It may be an easy game, pictures comparison, survey ended with a prize in form of discounts codes and exclusive offers. Implement gifs and pictures evoking heart-warming and winter-related thoughts and the Christmas atmosphere is ready! Just as new leads waiting for more offers from you.

A gamified interactive experience helps you to build a relationship with every user. It's a key to success in achieving a conversion rate from Messenger subscriber to email subscriber as high as 62%.

2. Get a Santa Bot ­čÄů

Who didn't believe in white hair and beard old man in bright red costume sharing presents with all kids? Adult life made you stop believing it? Well... Our Santa keeps up with technology and right now you don't have to go Finland to visit him. You users can simply reach him within a bot and share their wishes directly to him! It's a sales-recommendation chatbot showing products your users wish to buy. It speeds up the process of purchase and decreases level of basket abandonment. Don't forget to create a Santa Claus persona and show his real face! 

3. Be inspiring ÔťĘ

In the end of the year all we need is inspiration! Let your users opt some Christmas food and home inspirations. Depends on what you do- you can easily figure it out!

Either you have restaurant, boutique or photovoltaics company - there is absolutely always a bunch of ideas you can relate to Christmas. Share new menus, fashion stay-at-home inspo or amazing ways to illuminate the house. Remember to keep it colourful and eyes-catching. Ask questions and make the conversation go forward. Once you know the name of user- you know their shopping habits.

Make an experiment with MindBehind platform and technology to engage with consumers in ever more relevant and personalised ways. 

MindBehind Team

Written by MindBehind Team