Top 5 Virtual Assistant Benefits for Your Business

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Imagine appointing an assistant to each customer to guide them through their experience with your product - a personal assistant who answers their questions and communicates with them tirelessly, 24/7.

Sounds too good to be true? Then, hear us out:

Intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) are software that use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to engage in human-like conversations with users. They are programmed to provide answers to repetitive FAQs and handle routine requests, allowing your sales and support teams to focus on more complex questions.

They are available day and night and faster than their human counterparts. In fact, 69% of consumers prefer to use virtual assistants for the speed at which they can communicate with a brand.

Sounds impressive, right? But it gets even better!

With the power of conversational machine learning, AI-powered virtual assistants are capable of thinking and responding like a human. They can contextualize user inputs and accurately understand and predict consumer queries. By maintaining a conversational flow, IVAs improve the user experience of your customers.

In today’s competitive business scene, brands can stay relevant only if they keep pace with the innovations and reinforce their business models and systems with the latest technologies. And intelligent virtual assistants are certainly one of them!  

Here are 5 reasons to show you why the use of virtual assistants is slowly, but surely, becoming a necessity instead of a luxury:

Develop Your Brand With Minimum Effort

The advancement of technology and the amount of competition in the corporate world create various choices for potential customers. With a wide range of businesses to choose from, it becomes more and more important for brands to outshine the rest. One effective way to quickly achieve this requires companies to provide customers with the fastest solutions while putting in the least amount of effort. This is where intelligent virtual assistants come into the picture. Less inclined to make mistakes and form stronger bonds with customers, virtual assistants have easier access to potential customers. This makes them better candidates than their human counterparts when it comes to customer relationships. Reports suggest that businesses that have adopted IVA technology have nearly doubled their increase in customer satisfaction rates annually. It's also notable to state that retention rates are almost 88% higher among intelligent virtual assistant users.

Reduce Your Operational Costs

One of the greatest advantages of virtual assistants is that their development costs are reasonably priced. When compared with a human employee who performs the same tasks - or perhaps even less- virtual assistants are significantly cheaper, meaning they will lower your costs a great deal in the long run. Additionally, considering they will help you form stronger customer relationships, reinforcing your business with virtual assistants will certainly better your price-quality rates as well. As a matter of fact, by 2023, the use of virtual assistants will bring $11 billion in combined cost savings.

Offer an Interactive Marketing Platform

First of all, virtual assistants are the best tools to keep people online on numerous applications and platforms. Unlike traditional E-commerce website shopping experiences, virtual assistant interactions are never passive as they are always two-sided. So, if you want an interactive marketing campaign, you will definitely benefit from including IVAs in your marketing and sales strategies. This way, you will have the ability to give your customers what they want in the fastest and most effective way possible.

Increase Productivity & Consistency

In addition to lowering costs, you can easily automatize certain routine tasks and your workflow with virtual assistants. Remember, IVAs never get tired or bored, which means they can work 24/7 on forming powerful customer relationships with consistency, substantially increasing your productivity. This way, you can easily direct your team members to handle more complex tasks, focusing on improving your business. In a nutshell, implementing intelligent virtual assistants in your customer communications will result in fewer bounces, which will ultimately increase your team's productivity levels.

Reduce Customer Service Response Times

As we mentioned above, virtual assistants never sleep. They can work without getting bored and tirelessly communicate with users about their requests and complaints 24/7. This way, IVAs let you reach your customers directly, without including any third-party products, making the whole process of recognizing and analyzing the issue as well as finding a solution considerably faster. According to our own research, the average time it takes a human representative to answer a client is 1.8 minutes. But, for virtual assistants, it takes only 0 minutes!

Astonishing, isn’t it?

The use of AI-powered conversational solutions offered by virtual assistants has never been more popular than they are today. And it sure looks like they are here to stay.

With the help of these highly intelligent virtual assistants at the fingertips of your clients at any time of day, you can amplify your customer experiences while cutting down your support expenses significantly.  

Virtual assistants are the future of communication.

They are the future of commerce and customer satisfaction.

And the good news is: here at MindBehind you can get yours right now, right away!

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