Top Reasons to Use Chatbots in This Holiday Season

December 20, 2021
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Sevgi Değer
Conversational AI Designer

As we approach the new year, the busiest shopping season of the year has arrived. Right now, most of the world is planning to visit their loved ones and are worried about buying gifts that their loved ones would like. Another part is planning holiday trips that they are dying to go on. But, unfortunately, due to the ongoing Covid pandemic conditions, people prefer to fulfill their wishes online because they are afraid of getting in contact with the intense crowd of the New Year's rush. In such a busy season, only with the help of chatbots, you can deal with this high support volume of demanding customers and with increasing sales.

So how can a chatbot help your business maximize sales opportunities, improve shopping experiences, and sleigh your customer service this holiday season?  

You can gain the trust of your customers by being available 24/7!

Chatbots do not need sleep like humans and can answer the questions of your customers and meet their demands any time of the day. From buying gifts to hotel reservations, from decorating suggestions to choosing a party look, your chatbot can quickly and easily take any action that needs to be taken during Christmas season, regardless of the time. Thus, you increase the trust of your customers in your brand, which comes to their aid 24/7.

By using Push-Notification, you can inform your customers about campaigns and discounts, and increase your sales!

Once your customers interact with the bot, they may forget to reply to the bot due to the holiday rush. In order not to lose contact with customers, you can control and draw attention to your brand by sending notifications to them. For example, you can announce your discounts and campaigns, suggest suitable holiday plans, and flight tickets. You can also prevent cart abandonment thanks to these notifications. Push-notifications are quite useful for keeping your customers updated so that they will not forget your brand and your sales will increase.  

You can warm the hearts of your customers by offering suggestions based on what your customers are looking for!

One of the most common Christmas traditions all over the world is gift giving. Usually, many people are quite indecisive when choosing gifts for their loved ones. In such cases, chatbots learn your customers’ criteria with the answers they receive from them and present the best gifts for them to their selection.

But what you can do is not just a gift suggestion! Christmas also means decoration. You can introduce your customers to many Christmas-specific decorative items such as pine trees, ornaments, reindeers, stockings, garlands, candles, mistletoes, tinsels, and give them decoration advice.

Chatbots accompany your customers in their travel planning process such as flight tickets, hotel reservations and many more!

The most important factor that makes Christmas Christmas is its power to unite us with our loved ones. In this season, people come together with their families and realize the importance of sharing and making each other happy. Chatbots, on the other hand, offer faster, easier, and more reliable shopping experiences to people who make travel plans to reach their family and friends. For example, flight booking becomes more practical with the dialogical style of chatbots.

For some, this season is a well-deserved holiday opportunity.

For example, who can say no to a nice ski vacation with family?

Chatbots show your customers the most suitable holiday or hotel options based on their wishes by asking what they are looking for, filtering the answers, and providing a list which is easy-to-select from. After your customers decide on the hotel selection, which is usually the hardest part of the job, chatbots can easily perform hotel bookings.

As it can be seen, if you use a chatbot in your brand, you will improve the customer experience and increase your sales in such a busy shopping season brought by the New Year. Also, if you use a Christmas-themed chatbot with Santa Claus GIFs, emojis, winter images, etc., you can convey the wholeheartedness of the season to your customers and make them experience the Christmas spirit.

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