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With more than 1.3 billion users, Messenger has immense customer potential for businesses. You can share the latest updates, promotional offers, and blog posts to interact with your customers on the Facebook Messenger platform, making it an invaluable part of your brand's marketing and sales strategy.

Most brands ignore the true potential of messaging apps on social media platforms. But to prove them wrong, Facebook did a study on the use of mobile messaging with 12,500 users worldwide and found these interesting facts:

About 56% of those surveyed said they would rather send messages than make phone calls to customer services.

More than 50% of users are more likely to shop online from brands with whom they can easily communicate via Messenger.

About 61% of users prefer to receive personalized messages from brands.

About 63% of users are more drawn to brands they can chat with on Messenger. (

Once you integrate your intelligent virtual assistant (IVA) with Facebook Messenger, you can provide instant and effective customer interactions. Even though your live agents cannot be available at all hours of the night, Messenger is accessible 24/7, enabling your customers to interact with your business whenever they want and receive an instant auto-reply to their questions.

With around-the-clock services and AI-powered conversational solutions, automating your business messaging on Messenger can do wonders for your business to boost your revenue and customer retention rates. Here are some key factors to improve and advance your marketing and sales strategies with the aid of Facebook Messenger.

Deliver Targeted Content Effectively

Many entrepreneurs, marketers, and companies think that email is the only way to deliver content to customers or subscribers. But according to researchers, conversational marketing is a much better alternative to email. Rather than asking users to reveal their email addresses and unwittingly sign up for content updates, the researchers gave them the option to skip this form and receive content updates via Facebook Messenger instead. A few weeks later, Messenger proved to be a more effective tool of communication than email. According to the research, the average reach rate of the Messenger marketing strategy was calculated as 80% and the average click-through rate as 13%; this was much higher than the email marketing strategy.

Here's yet another example of how business messaging automation on Messenger can benefit both your company and your customers:

In order to provide its readers with a customized news experience, The Washington Post has added a news IVA running on Facebook Messenger as part of its marketing strategy. This way, users can send open-ended commands to the virtual assistant, which provides information just like a standard Washington Post article would. Washington Post's news IVA offers five related news for each user query in addition to a wide range of headlines. In today's digital era, this is one of the fastest ways for subscribers and journalists to get information on a myriad of topics. As users continue to interact with the virtual assistant, they can keep receiving tailored news and articles based on their user behaviors and search history.

Washington Post example is a textbook example of conversational commerce. Their virtual assistant understands customer needs and interests and gives them what they want when they want it. Washington Post invested in a virtual assistant and in return, they got many more subscribers.

Determine the Most Relevant Content for Each Customer

In addition to sending content to your followers, Facebook Messenger can help your followers find the content themselves. This will empower your conversational marketing efforts by allowing you to deliver personalized content to your target audience in a non-intrusive way. For example, Whole Foods' Facebook Messenger IVA allows users to search for their favorite recipes and products without ever leaving Messenger. Customers can even choose an emoji, such as a banana or a jalapeno, and the virtual assistant serves up recipes containing these products to customers. Soon, this friendly food IVA will be able to send coupons and recipe booklets. This way, Whole Foods helps customers find recipes or ingredients they require without having to search the entire website.

To achieve this level of personalized support, companies use CRM tools integrated into their Facebook Messenger channel. These CRM tools will help your business track and store customer identities, search history, and buyer behaviors to provide targeted and contextual services after meticulous analysis. The data will then be used by the virtual assistants to make special offers and recommendations for each customer.

Provide Exceptional Customer Service

In today's fast-paced world, customers prefer to communicate with companies via instant messaging because they want their issues solved with fast responses. If a company fails to reply to customers in a timely manner with the required accuracy, it's quite likely that the customer will switch to the other competitors. Therefore, it's become more and more critical for businesses to keep pace with the times and adapt to new technological advancements like business messaging automation.

Hyatt is a good case study to present for this practice. The company has decided to revamp its customer service infrastructure through Facebook Messenger the use of AI-supported virtual assistants. This way, users are able to request room service, check for vacancies, and even make reservations directly via the Messenger app.

How to Set Up Facebook Messenger for Your Business?    

Creating your Facebook Messenger account is not a difficult process at all. First, make sure you already have a Facebook page for your business. In order to begin the process, the messaging function for your page must be turned on. You can check and turn it on by going to the settings section of your page. To do this, click on the Messaging menu and turn on the button under the "General Settings" section. Now that your messaging feature is turned on, you can start to configure your messaging settings and set up your virtual assistant. This way, You can create instant answers to frequently asked questions, boosting your conversion rates significantly.

Creating auto-replied to be delivered by your IVA, allows you to quickly answer FAQs and portray a professional brand image. As more and more people adopt messaging apps, the potential to grow your business with Facebook Messenger marketing becomes even greater. You can use Messenger to always stay one step ahead, reach more people, and provide exceptional customer support and capture high-quality sales opportunities for your business.

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