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Use WhatsApp for Marketing and Sales!

Jun 10, 2021 6:45:17 PM / by MindBehind Team

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Do you know which messenger app is the most popular today? As of 2021, over 2 million people use WhatsApp monthly and there are 1 billion daily users from 180 countries. Furthermore, WhatsApp is available in more than 40 languages for iPhone users and more than 60 languages for Android users. With that being the case, can you think of a better application to reach out to customers all around the world? Today, we will explore how to use digital solutions such as WhatsApp Business API to boost your sales, and improve your marketing strategies.


Deepen the relationship between your brand and the customers

Above all, using WhatsApp as the communication channel for your business is a great advantage. Do you know why? Because nowadays nobody wants brands convincing them to visit their website, or to have long phone calls with a sales representative over a purchase. Plus, people usually use WhatsApp to chat with their friends or family and this means they feel more comfortable while using it for communication. Instead of speaking to an automated bot on the official websites, customers feel more relaxed when they connect to a brand via WhatsApp. Since WhatsApp essentially isn’t an app that is encircled with a bunch of advertisements, having a friendly chatbot in your WhatsApp Business API is a great way to make clients feel comfortable. In the end, contacting your purchasers on a platform with less marketing noise is a game-changer when it comes to elevating customer experience. Before we move on, there is one more thing! A customized friendly chatbot helps you maintain a proactive customer communication. This enables a stronger bond between your brand and your customers. We all know that people love to buy from companies where they feel understood!

Announce sales and deals

WhatsApp status feature is one of the greatest ways to announce your campaigns such as free shipping, flash sales, price-break or order-specific discounts. Instead of paying a great deal of money for expensive advertising campaigns, using WhatsApp for promotional purposes lowers your marketing expenses. But it’s not a bad idea if you want to reach large masses through paid advertisements. You can still keep benefiting from WhatsApp chatbots by adding a link on your Facebook or Google ads to direct the customers to the WhatsApp chat section. In this way, you can maintain the customers’ interest in your product and answer their inquiries during the buying process.

Increase the order size through upselling and cross-selling

Mindbehind’s chatbot connected to your WhatsApp Business API collects all the customer data. What can it do with this data? Since there is an opportunity to create product catalogues on WhatsApp Business API, you can send customized catalogues to each customer according to the gathered data on what they would like. Based on the previous questions they asked the chatbot about certain products of yours, you can easily recognize what the interests of a customer are. In addition, you can use the data from previous purchases to identify what kinds of promotion materials you should send to your customers. Once you send the catalogue, your chatbot can provide the buyers with more detailed photos and videos, or purchase recommendations and links for other products. This is one of the most effective ways for personalizing interactions with your customer, and it is why your chatbot’s conversation will likely end up with a closed sale.

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