What Exactly Is a Virtual Assistant?

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Have you ever wondered what a virtual assistant is? Do you want to know what exactly it can do? If the answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place!

To put it simply, a virtual assistant is software created to communicate with people like it is one of “us.” Although this technology offers much more, in the corporate world, we mainly use virtual assistants to automate the communication between businesses and customers. As MindBehind, we enable you to quickly build your own virtual assistant capable of engaging in human-like conversations with your customers.

Even though there are many different kinds of virtual assistants to serve various business purposes, virtual assistants powered by artificial intelligence (AI), are the most preferred types for solving problems in numerous industries. For instance, AI-supported virtual assistants can function as support assistants, helping you foster more meaningful relationships with your customers. These types of intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) are the new generation of customer support, able to facilitate timely and accurate solutions for countless customer questions and guide them through decision stages.

As we mentioned earlier, intelligent virtual assistants come in many forms. They can serve as the most efficient teammates for your live agents, maximizing your marketing strategies that might ultimately lead to closing sales, or they can also aid your business as transactional IVAs, capable of taking orders, making bookings, and even verifying identities.

In addition to AI-powered virtual assistants that enable you to advance your services through written channels, as MindBehind, we also provide your business with our exceptional live chat features that combine AI with the human mind. While your intelligent virtual assistant quickly answers time-consuming repetitive questions, your live agents can step in whenever your customers request human interaction. Once your virtual assistant is optimized for live chat, your agents can effectively respond to customers in real-time with the assistance of all the contextual data about each interaction that your IVA presents them with beforehand.

Whether your field is e-commerce, health & insurance, or tourism, here at MindBehind, we aim to empower your business with the most effective and efficient conversational solutions using the aid of AI-powered virtual assistants and top-notch live chat services.

Still not convinced?

Here are some more advanced ways to benefit your business with the aid of virtual assistants:

Uninterrupted Service 24/7

Imagine having an opportunity to keep your business open any time of any day? With virtual assistants, now you can! Help your customers find immediate answers to their questions and make informed decisions with around-the-clock support. Automate your business' communication system to engage and satisfy the needs of your customers, paving the way for higher customer retention rates with increased CSAT scores.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Have your virtual assistant engage with your customers as if it was a human representative – a human representative who's at the disposal of your customers 24/7 with all the right answers. With the help of your IVA, you can now analyze the intent of your customers, provide quick and relevant replies from your database, and have the ability to track and store customer data with built-in CRM tools to craft personalized customer journeys.

Increased Conversion Rate

Gaining the trust of your customers is one of the main elements to improve your conversion rates and drive revenue. But who do customers trust? Here's the simple answer: they trust businesses they can easily contact - whenever they want, through any channel they choose. With the omnichannel presence and speedy support services your virtual assistant brings to your company, make customers feel that they can effortlessly communicate with you. This way, you can easily convert new visitors into customer, and customers into repeat buyers.

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