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What is a Chatbot?

Mar 1, 2021 12:03:54 PM / by Mind Behind Team

mb_whatisachatbot_mainTo put it simply, a chatbot is software created to communicate with people like it is one of “us.” Despite the fact that this technology offers much more than that, in the business world, currently, we use chatbots to automate the communication between businesses and customers. At MindBehind, we enable you to quickly build your own chatbot, which can create human-like conversations on its own.

Even though there are different kinds of chatbots to serve various business purposes, artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots are the most preferred ones to solving problems in different industries. AI chatbots, for example, can function as support chatbots. These types of chatbots are the new generation customer support or the FAQ section on your website since they can answer customers’ questions and guide them through many processes. AI chatbots also can be in the form of transactional bots, which can take orders, make bookings, or verify identities. 

Besides AI-powered chatbots, MindBehind also provides your business with Live Chat, where the human mind is combined with AI. While your AI-powered chatbot quickly answers the repetitive questions, your live support and sales team can step in when there are unique and complicated issues or maybe just to help your traditional customers who want human interaction. Once your live chat is integrated, your team can answer clients in real-time on several social media apps such as Whatsapp and Facebook. 

Whether you are in the e-commerce, health, or travel business, MindBehind creates just the best solution for you in the form of a chatbot or live chat.

Why Do You Need a Chatbot For Your Business?

A business that works 24/7

Since most of us work during the day, we have to handle shopping and purchases on weekends or in our free time after work. And this means that we have only a limited time for buying. Wouldn’t it be nice to have businesses that are open 24/7 and serve us with the salespeople? This dream business can be yours! A chatbot can help your customers with their questions and even with the purchasing process after-hours.

A better customer experience 

Your chatbot is able to talk to your customers as if it was a human representative. It can maintain the conversation with a buyer and reply to questions regarding the products and services. After analyzing the question, your chatbot provides relevant answers from its database. Still, it always impersonates humans to create a feeling that the customer is talking to a real person. Contrary to a real seller, your chatbot is never too busy to answer clients. One of the best things that your chatbot can do to satisfy your customers is giving them quick replies.  

Increase your conversion rate 

Gaining customers’ trust is one of the main elements that will improve your conversion rate. So, here is the question: “Who do clients trust?” They trust the companies that they can easily contact. Prompt replies are one of the best ways to make people feel that they can effortlessly communicate with you. Another aspect that directly affects conversion rate is to have a user-friendly website and quick buying process. In the online world, most purchasers don’t want to see how dazzling your website is. They want it to be handy, so they can shop fast and don’t waste time.

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