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What Is Artificial Intelligence

Aug 17, 2020 12:51:32 PM / by Mind Behind Team

In today's world, artificial intelligence announces its name more and more everyday with software developed to provide quick, simple and accessible solutions to problems. According to a study by Accenture, artificial intelligence, which is essential to increase labor and productivity by up to 40% in the future, includes studies and models that will create the basis for the emergence of major developments that may affect the human future.

mb_What-Is-Artificial-Intelligence_blogWhat is Artificial Intelligence?

In the most basic term, artificial intelligence (abbreviated form AI) is the ability of any computer or a robot that is in control of a computer or is a computer to conduct certain situations and behaviors in a similar way as intelligent living creatures. However, the main purpose of artificial intelligence, rather than the characteristics of a robot, human intelligence or human intelligence on the cognitive abilities and behavior is able to exhibit specific. For this reason, the term "artificial intelligence" is generally used to describe machines that simulate “cognitive” functions that people associate with other human minds, such as “learning” and "problem-solving."

Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Today, most of the studies and researches about artificial intelligence are carried out on Machine Learning and Deep Learning. The definition of machine learning is a scientific work field of algorithms and statistic models that computer software uses to fulfill a definite task without using clear directions. Machine learning algorithms form a mathematical model based on sample data, known as "training data", to make predictions or decisions without being clearly programmed to perform the task. Deep Learning, or called as structured or hierarchical learning, is part of a broader group of machine learning procedures predicates on over layers used in artificial neural networks. Deep learning is the infrastructure that constitutes the main logic of autonomous cars, voice-controllable devices and assistants that we often see and hear today. These computer systems can process any data and divide the layers and labels to get information over these data particles and improve themselves over time with the information they get.

Other Important Artificial Intelligence Types

Neural Networks systems, which are part of the Deep Learning process, are basically a model that aims to learn events as people do. Nowadays, this modeling is used in various fields such as speech to text or weather forecasting. In another important type of artificial intelligence, called “Natural Language Processing (NLP)” there are being studied on various functions such as re-processing, auto-translating, and speech generating that can bring ease to human life by posing the rules of natural languages together with linguistics. The artificial intelligence method that called "Computer Vision, in the simplest sense, allows the process seen and perceived by the human eye to be fulfilled by computers. Computer Vision, whose most basic task is to separate and categorize objects by processing images a collection of systems that can be developed with expertise in different areas such as optical and signal engineering.

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbot Relationship

A chatbot is a generic name given to software developed with artificial intelligence aided by corporations to help users and customers. In recent years, with the rapid development of machine learning and natural language processing systems, chatbot software is a simple, fast and cost-effective tool for reaching customers and handling their transactions quickly. This web or application-based software has the ability to simulate human speech in oral or written form. Chatbot that works with a series of a complex algorithm, called "Dialogue design"are defined and interpret spoken words and answer questions. Although chatbots are often used in the service area, they can also operate in a wide variety of areas such as entertainment, customer service, and web site support departments. Chatbot areas of usage also include categories such as messaging applications, banking transactions, technical support, and online shopping. Today, especially those frequently encountered assistants, such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and chatbots serving through Messenger are constitute the most visible examples of artificial intelligence and chatbot relationship. According to a recent study by Oracle, 80% of enterprises are already using chatbot or are considering using chatbot software until 2020.

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