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What is Google Home?

Jan 13, 2020 9:36:55 PM / by Mind Behind Team

google_homeGoogle Home, which was first released in the United States in 2016, basically works as a smart assistant. Smart devices and applications can easily be controlled with voice commands thanks to the Wi-Fi speaker that step forward with its sleek and simple design. The powerful microphone on the device can hear your voice from a broad distance. So all you have to do is give a command or ask your question after saying "Ok Google".

Google Home, which basically has the same working logic as the Google Assistant app, offers a more functional user experience in many ways. Google Home, which has a very successful performance in detecting what is said, literally assisting you. In other words, it enhances the quality of your life. For example, it is sufficient to ask how the weather is after saying "Okay Google" to learn the weather forecast before you go out. Of course, the possibilities offered by the device are not limited to such kind of simple questions. Especially if you have a qualified smart home system, Google Home, so to speak, gives you the home environment of the future.

So, how does Google Home make smart homes more livable and make your life easier? At first, it allows you to easily control the details of the system. For example, if you are using a smart thermostat compatible with Google Home, you can control home indoor air conditioner with a single command. Moreover, smart lighting systems that can be integrated with Google Home can also be switched on and off by voice command. So, after a tiring day, you don't have to stand up to turn off the light while lying down on a bed. It is enough just to call out to Google Home now.

Thanks to the Google Home page, which can be integrated with products such as Chromecast, it is also possible to manage smart TVs. Google Home is changing your sense of daily entertainment. Smart assistant plays the song you want with voice command from compatible platforms such as Google Play Music, Spotify and YouTube. Besides, with its powerful speaker that attracts attention, you can follow the Daily News through Google Home. You can also listen to the podcast with Google Home, which accompanies you with its games when gathering with your family.

Google Home that supports applications and services which is owned by Google or third-parties, largely meets the expectations of users with this aspect. On the other hand, language support is one of the main points that need to be developed. Google Home does not currently have Turkish language support. In addition, many of the users state it is necessary to increase the number of active services available in Turkey.

Google Home which makes your daily habits comfortable, adds richness to your life with its smart solutions. Google Home gives users a personalized experience, as highlighted in the case study on the MOI blog. In the same study, it is stated that one of the most important advantages of the device is the huge information infrastructure that Google has. So indeed, Google Home offers users satisfying answers in many different areas from recipe to match scores. The device that also makes business easy such as setting an alarm, find a lost smartphone at home or prepare a shopping list, and it takes full notes from users with its realistic and fluent way of speech.

Google Home can recognize 6 people's voices with its multi-user support. In this way, people living in the same house can have personalized user experience. Google Home also catches the eye with its physical features. The device prominent with its LED lights and touch top surface also harmonizes to home decoration with its design and color options. The product also features two different models such as Google Home Mini and Google Home Max. The digital era we live in requires living together with concepts such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of things. The device promising a powerful and functional smart home experience helps you to attain a solid place in the digitized world.

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