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Where can I publish my chatbot? Short and sweet: everywhere!

Sep 22, 2020 12:56:25 PM / by MindBehind Team

mb_ourchannel_blogFriday night with a huge bowl of popcorn, TV and your favourite person seem like the best idea for Friday night? Yass, except that your TV partner has tendency to channel-flicking! When you make a decision, do it  once and for all. Choose from one of our channels, or a couple… Or publish your chatbot on all of them! There are so many! Can’t decide!

Let's give a warm welcome to all mindbehind channels: 

Facebook Messenger - the most popular channel that won hearts of 2.70 billion people from all over the world. That’s the population of Qatar or Lithuania! But don’t worry, some of those active users certainly come from your country as well and perhaps can be your future clients! Meet your users in their favourite online environment, white-blue icon of a chat window. Have a look how to connect your bot to Facebook Messenger

WhatsApp – everybody knows the little green icon of a chat in your cell phone. Once you publish your bot on this one, you will get access to 2 billion active users. MindBehind offers payment experience through Whatsapp! Make e-commerce even more flexbile with WhatsApp and let your clients go through whole process of shopping just in one chat window! Connect your bot to WhatsApp today!

Freshchat – are you the one who likes to have everything under control? Freshchat is a modern messaging software built for teams who want to ace customer conversations, marketing, sales, or support. Publish your assistant on Freshchat and follow the whole conversation in your panel. And when it’s necessary, simply hand over the conversation to your competent live agent. Check out here how to connect with Freshchat!

Web Messenger – if you don’t want your client to have to deal with extra platforms and logins, web messenger is a perfect solution. This is a customizable messaging widget that can be added to any web page. Let your imagination run wild with the creation of that widget and make chat experience even more personal and brand-style-supportive.

People are divided into bad and good, those who eat French fries with mayonnaise and those who prefer ketchup, those who go for Android and iOS

Speaking of apps providers, it's been a while since we've deleted our Facebook friends who weren't #TeamAndroid or #VoteForIOS but now we can invite them again. You don’t have to choose! Your clients can contact your chatbot both on Android and iOS apps. They are highly customizable chat embeddable that can be added to any app! Check it out!

Heave you heard of Telegram? If not, you better catch up on technologic news. Telegram is a proud communicator of being favourite for 200 million monthly users but in April 2020  cloud-based mobile messaging app reported 400 million monthly active users worldwide. Telegram is a chat app focused on user privacy, message encryption and delivery speed. So if your clients come from East, Middle East and Ethiopia – this channel is for you! Look how to have it!

Generic sounds too… general? That’s the point! You can publish mindbehind chatbot on your own tool without our ready integration. Set up your professional assistant for you native widget and just let it work! The secret of this solution is the bridge between user's channel and mindbehind – webhook! Look how to connect mindbehind chatbot and your tool.


Have you decided yet which channel will bring you amazing results? One, couple or maybe all of them? Build your chatbot once and publish on all exisiting channels!






MindBehind Team

Written by MindBehind Team