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What is WhatsApp Business API, Why Do You Need It?

May 27, 2021 11:53:37 AM / by Mind Behind Team

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 WhatsApp is no longer just a messaging app. It has presented the WhatsApp Business model for companies / businesses to support their customers and use the platforms as a sales channel. WhatsApp Business model has two different modes.

The first one is WhatsApp Business, which has many features such as creating a catalogue and sending automatic responses. The second one is WhatsApp Business API, which is one of the optimal solutions for companies that want to use WhatsApp for business purposes and benefit from corporate and professional customer relations services. Whether you already own a big business or are just getting started, you can always utilize WhatsApp for enterprise solutions, taking load off of your shoulders in running your company.

With WhatsApp Business API, you can create a company profile, get statistics, use features such as location sharing and document sharing and prepare quick automated answers. You can employ several customer representatives using different devices to serve customers through a single corporate WhatsApp number. Thanks to the end-to-end encryption feature and data security, your messages are safe within the app and there is no need for a second security measure. Moreover, it complements your professional image when your company has a verified account.


How to use WhatsApp Business API?

Companies can use the WhatsApp Business API in two ways:

1- It can be used as a customer service help desk:

  • Customer representatives can instantly respond to customers on WhatsApp, as easily as if they were chatting.
  • Customer feedback can be directly received.
  • Customer complaints can be resolved through one-to-one communication.

2- To speed up the buying process, companies can also send template messages and enrich their content by sharing more documents, images, videos, and location information:

  • Sharing package delivery locations
  • Sending e-invoice
  • Sending boarding passes and tickets 

WhatsApp Business API and Chatbot

Nowadays, customers and companies have become "app fatigued" and people use messaging platforms more than other networks. Changing communication habits have forced companies to focus on messaging-based customer interaction. Now, companies not only answer their customers' questions through dialogue-based platforms but also provide customer service, offer products and other services with the help of the features such as WhatsApp Business Chatbots. These kinds of  developments enable companies to communicate with their customers in a virtual environment that has become a big part of their lives. As such, it is a game changer.

While a WhatsApp chatbot enables a company to automate frequently asked questions, it can also work to direct the customer to a live support representative when necessary. The customer can promptly express that s/he wants to talk to a live support representative, or the chatbot can deduce this from the customer’s expressions. Thus, while very repetitive and simple tasks are handled by the chatbot, live support representatives can focus on more important and complex tasks. 


By integrating your Chatbot created by MindBehind into the WhatsApp application, you can provide one of the best digital solutions to your customers. By serving as a customer service representative 24/7, your chatbot significantly reduces your employee costs.

Don’t forget that your current and potential customers send an average of 65 billion messages on WhatsApp every day! If you are not receiving these messages yet, then perhaps they are being received by your competitors.


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