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Why your company needs to be on WhatsApp?

May 3, 2021 4:45:49 PM / by Mind Behind Team


If you are a business owner, you have probably heard of WhatsApp Business. But, have you ever gone into details about how WhatsApp can be used to grow your business, improve the customer experience via an integrated chatbot and increase your employees’ productivity? Let’s discover how these are possible, plus how the cooperation of WhatsApp Business API and MindBehind can elevate your business!

WhatsApp Business App vs. WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp’s new app for business purposes basically has a similar interface with the regular WhatsApp. However, there are slight differences such as catalogs for the business’ products and the “Quick reply” feature. WhatsApp Business is a free app, developed especially for small businesses to help them manage their customers’ requests and inquiries. Yet, there are several disadvantages of the app if you have a mid-size or a large company. If there are more than three to four staff in your company, the impossibility of several people using the app from different locations creates a problem. Likewise, there is no option for integrating a chatbot, that is to say, no automation. This may be inconvenient for busy days where your team has to answer the same questions repeatedly. 

The advanced version of WhatsApp Business is called WhatsApp Business API and it was launched back in 2018. The purpose of the API is to serve mid-sized and large companies and it is not available to everyone. Whatsapp Business API is not free of charge but it is worth every penny if you want to grow your business. Business API offers your company customer support automation to reduce the needless errands of the staff, such as answering basic questions that can be met by the AI. Notifications and alerts for shipments, meetings, and payments are among the further benefits when it comes to ensuring that every client is properly taken care of. Also, there are no limits regarding the location of your customer. Via Business API, you can reply to your global clients’ requests within 24 hours for free. But keep in mind that the customer should have reached out to you first via WhatsApp. 

Chatbot for WhatsApp Business

Today, several processes in business life have been automated to save time, increase productivity and minimize human error. WhatsApp Business chatbots, (AI run on WhatsApp) are one of the handiest digital solutions that have proved their worth recently. With MindBehind’s technology, your chatbot collects the data of your customer right from the start. It remembers every detail even when a client visits your WhatsApp customer services, second or third time after their first purchase. That’s not all! The 24/7 available WhatsApp chatbots can be customized according to the vision and the style of your brand, which means that the chatbot can reply to the customers’ questions in a creative and memorable way so that there is a bond created directly between your customers and your business.

If your business is ready to take a new step, MindBehind is ready to help with creating your corporate account on WhatsApp Business API!


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