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is an accredited WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

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WhatsApp Business API 

provide secure and feature-rich WhatsApp experiences for your customers.

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be where your customers are with WhatsApp Business Solution

as one of the select WhatsApp Business Solution Providers in the world, we can start your WhatsApp journey with our fast and easy onboarding and support you through every touchpoint.


go live in minutes

jump start your WhatsApp Business API for your software in minutes with the extremely fast setup and onboarding through the no-code interface of MindBehind.


regional secure hosting 

MindBehind can host WhatsApp Business API in the local servers of your country, observing regional GDPR requirements.


rich features

send multimedia content including video, audio, images and documents; enable location sharing to enhance real-time interactions and share contacts.


orchestrate integrations

coordinate connections across channels and parties. integrate CRM and payment solutions including Microsoft Dynamics 360 and Stripe. provide your CRM agent with the full context of your customer's WhatsApp interaction.


outbound notifications

WhatsApp's Business API's exclusive new templated messages can be used to initiate or revive a conversation. rely on MindBehind's expertise to reach out to your customers in compliance with WhatsApp's opt-in rules.

best uses

mb_whatsapp_blogkapakcustomer support

provide support and assistance to your customers on  WhatsApp.
connect MindBehind's virtual assistants to your business WhatsApp channel to automate more than half of your customer requests, ease the load on your customer support team.

mb_Conversational-Commerceconversational commerce

your verified WhatsApp Business Channel can serve as your shopfront.
present a catalogue of your products, give personalized shopping recommendations and make sales transactions without ever having your customer leave WhatsApp.

mb_Conversational-Marketingconversational marketing

gather deep insights about your customers as they disclose their interests and motivations; customize your campaigns and promotions to their needs and preferences. get analytics and collect leads to guide your marketing strategy.

WhatsApp Business App vs. WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business App

  • for small businesses
  • free app
  • only one device at a time
  • no automation
  • no data protection

WhatsApp Business API

  • for medium and large enterprises
  • paid, via WhatsApp BSPs i.e. MindBehind
  • multiple devices
  • automation and crm integrations
  • GDPR data protection
  • & more

why MindBehind?



of MindBehind clients reach their customers on WhatsApp


1 million

messages were sent on WhatsApp via MindBehind in 2020

100+ IVAs just for WhatsApp

MindBehind has more than a hundred different virtual assistants developed exclusively for WhatsApp


fast onboarding

MindBehind's easy onboarding platform lets you go live on WhatsApp in minutes

add value with MindBehind 

MindBehind's business messaging solutions such as MindBehind Live are fully compatible with WhatsApp Business API


e-commerce, payment and CRM 

MindBehind helps you integrate Shopify, Woocommerce, Microsoft Dynamics 360, Stripe and more to your WhatsApp Business API


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