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from sales to inventory and shipping, improve your e-commerce operations with MindBehind integrations! 🚀

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connect MindBehind to your Shopify store

have MindBehind chatbots take orders, track inventory, provide shipping updates and answer product questions on your Shopify store. increase your sales and customer satisfaction with smooth customer support 24/7.


your conversational online store with TSoft and MindBehind 

TSoft integration allows you to make sales, answer cargo and shipment questions and receive product return requests with digital assistants and customer representatives through messaging channels.

cash-free, contact-free and card-free shopping now on WhatsApp 💳

without card, cash or contact; fast and secure payment is possible with Masterpass infrastructure on WhatsApp! receive payments without having your customers leave the platform to fill out forms, take the friction out to increase sales 💳



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MindBehind provides solutions for managing the communications between your chatbots and customers.


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