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MindBehind Live is here to reduce your operational costs, increase your employee productivity and customer satisfaction

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live service on any platform; whether it's sales or customer support! 👀

MindBehind Live provides a platform for you to communicate directly with your customers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Messenger, and Whatsapp.



get to know your customers better 👁️

read and analyze the conversations your customers have through the MindBehind Live interface. understand their complex needs and preferences through MindBehind conversation metrics and provide your customers with a personalized, solution-oriented experience.


boost employee efficiency 👍

integrate MindBehind chatbots into your CRM system. automate the most common questions to save time. assign conversations according to the speacialization of your representative. when a team member needs help, MindBehind Live directs the conversation on to another representative with a note your customers can't see. 



never been easier to track performance 🚶

learn and adapt to the different demands of your customers, direct your representatives accordingly. review comprehensive reports about the conversational behavior of your customers on MindBehind Live.




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MindBehind provides solutions for managing communications between your chatbots and customers.

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