Integrate Your MindBehind Services with IBM Watson to Cultivate a Stronger Customer Base & Strengthen Your Relations!

Boost Customer Engagement

Engage customers with human-like conversations and train your virtual assistant to handle complex interactions in multiple languages.

Improve First
Contact Resolution

Equip your virtual assistant with advanced intent recognition abilities and resolve customer issues effectively at first glance.

Increase Business  

Reduce operational expenses by streamlining your workflows and decreasing average service time with your NLP virtual assistant.

  • Elevate Customer Experiences with NLP!

    Refine customer experiences with advanced text analysis! Unite MindBehind services with IBM Watson to understand even unstructured data and have meaningful conversations with accurate interpretation and in-context replies.

  • Build Strategies with Sentiment Analysis!

    Evolve your business strategies with natural language processing! Integrate MindBehind with IBM Watson to analyze customer sentiments towards your brand and identify any customer dissatisfaction to improve your services.

  • Stand Out with Competitive Advantage!

    Outshine your competitors with natural language capabilities! Reinforce your MindBehind virtual assistant with IBM Watson’s advanced NLP features to stay competitive in your field with increased satisfaction and retention rates.

Start Connecting IBM Watson to Your MindBehind Virtual Assistant & Extend Your Services in Minutes!

Create Your IBM Cloud Account

Before you start the integration process, set up an IBM Cloud account if you don’t already have one and log into your account to create a service.

Create a Service & an Assistant

Once you create a service, you can have access to your API Key and URL details under “Credentials” and use these values to launch an assistant.

Add a Dialog Skill to Your Assistant

As the final step of the integration, add a new dialog skill to your assistant or import an already existing one to build training data and conversation flows.

Get Started Right Away!

Discover MindBehind’s advanced conversational solutions to boost your sales and amplify your support services. Using our easy-to-navigate interface, start building your own sophisticated virtual assistant with zero coding skills required.

Explore all of MindBehind’s communication channels!

Connect your intelligent virtual assistant with the most popular messaging apps and third-party platforms. Just a few clicks will do the trick!

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