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Set up flows to automatically increase engagement through Instagram ads and DMs to maximize your conversion rates.

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Navigate your way around easily with our visual drag-and-drop interface! Quickly build the optimal Instagram virtual assistant custom-designed for your brand without any complex algorithms or coding skills at all.

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Your intelligent virtual assistant is your new brand ambassador! Automatically respond to brand mentions to promote awareness and send instant replies to product queries, amplifying your online presence.

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Instagram is no longer just a photo-sharing app! With the help of your highly intelligent Instagram virtual assistant, you can now track and optimize your lead sources and increase sales efficiency with just a few clicks.

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A Step-by-Step Checklist to Guide You in Your Journey with Instagram:

Request a Demo & Get Started

Contact us for detailed information about your intelligent Instagram virtual assistant and explore all of its functions, product characteristics, and benefits. Request a free demo, and let us get you started!

Sign Up to MindBehind & Meet Our Team

Quickly sign up to MindBehind and meet our team of experts to customize the conversation flow of your Instagram virtual assistant, aligning it with your business model, industry, and brand persona.

Create Your Account & Get Verified

Create your business account and let us handle the process of getting you authorized with Instagram verification. Have your account branded with an official blue badge and start communicating with your customers!

Get Started Right Away!

Discover MindBehind’s advanced conversational solutions to boost your sales and amplify your support services. Using our easy-to-navigate interface, start building your own sophisticated virtual assistant with zero coding skills required.

Find out what MindBehind’s integrations can do for you!

Integrate your virtual assistant seamlessly with third-party products and services for a holistic customer experience. Visit our Integrations page to see more features.