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Transform Your Customer Communications with Natural Language Processing

Maximize the power of your MindBehind virtual assistant with the best natural language processing platforms in the world! Provide flawless AI-based conversational solutions capable of overcoming the complexities of natural speech.

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“With the help of MindBehind, we developed the first human resources virtual assistant of Turkey. Thanks to MindBehind’s experienced team of experts, we were able to launch this virtual assistant that we integrated with Kolay İK in a very short period of time.’’

Tunca Üçer – Co-Founder

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“As a startup business, we findourselves in dire need of assistance while we cope with multiple tasks all at once. But, with the help of MindBehind, we can address the concerns of ourcustomers at any time with speed and ease.”

Felix Büchel – Managing Director

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‘’Thanks to its advanced product features and devoted team of experts, MindBehind has found wonderful solutions for all of the problems we have encountered at GAIN. The virtual assistant we continuously train with the support of dialogue designers has substantially reduced the burden on our customer support team.

Koray Dinçalp – Head of Growth

Why MindBehind?

User-Friendly Interface

Offer your customers a seamless experience with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Explore our customizable templates to quickly build your own virtual assistant without any coding background.

Omnichannel Presence

Allow your users to engage with your brand through their favorite communication platforms. Provide your customers with the flexibility of switching between channels and achieve a faster resolution time.

24/7 Customer Support

Exceed customer expectations with consistent support services around the clock to achieve brand trust and customer loyalty. Convert your customers into repeat buyers and improve brand advocacy.

Personalized Experiences

Track and store customer interactions to develop a targeted engagement that resonates with your customers. Offer tailored responses to contextualize and personalize customer journeys.

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