make your job easier with our integrations

MindBehind chatbots integrate seamlessly with third-party products and services for a holistic experience. 👍

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make the most of your customer management platforms 👀

increase employee productivity and boost customer satisfaction by integrating MindBehind solutions to Zendesk and Freshchat in minutes.



advanced text analysis with natural language processing 👁️

MindBehind integrates with cutting edge natural languge processing tools like IBM Watson, Microsoft Luis and Google Dialogflow to provide an accurate and human-like conversational experience to your customers.


payment integrations drive sales

integrate fast and secure payment gateways including Masterpass, Iyzico and Paytr to your MindBehind conversation solutions. let your customers pay conversationally without leaving the platform, increase conversions. 

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e-commerce boosted with artificial intelligence!

with our Shopify and TSoft integrations, you can quickly add a chatbot to your e-commerce site and improve all of your processes from sales to shipping.

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MindBehind provides solutions for managing the communications between your chatbots and customers.

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