Integrate Your MindBehind Services with Iyzico to Cultivate a Stronger Customer Base & Strengthen Your Relations!

Offer Instant
Order Fulfillment

Convert your prospects into repeat customers by accelerating your online order processing with 24/7 payment collection services.

Secure Your
Payment Collection

Receive orders and process safe transactions with Iyzico’s PCI-DSS compliant infrastructure and eliminate customer dissatisfaction.

Boost Checkout
Completion Rate

Allow your customers to quickly finalize online purchases through a simplified checkout process with faster and safer payment solutions.

  • Retain Customers with Ease of Payment!

    Integrate MindBehind with Iyzico to deliver premium shopping experiences! Decrease long wait times with instant payment solutions across multiple channels and boost your customer retention rates.

  • Build Loyalty with Secure Transactions!

    Reinforce your MindBehind services with Iyzico’s extra layers of protection! Safeguard transactions with secure transmission of credit card information to amplify brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

  • Eliminate Missed Sales Opportunities!

    Don’t let your customers slip away with MindBehind’s Iyzico integration! Enhance checkout experiences with flexible payment options via any channel or credit card to avoid cart abandonment and boost your sales.

Start Connecting Iyzico to Your MindBehind Virtual Assistant & Extend Your Services in Minutes!

Setup an Iyzico Account

Register to Iyzico if you don’t already have an account, and go to MindBehind to select your company from the “Companies” tab and head over to “Integrations.”

Add the Iyzilink Integration

Once you click on the “Integrations” tab, make sure to select Iyzilink, which is Iyzico's online payment method via link solution, and fill in the related fields.

Activate Your Assistant

After filling in the "API Key" and the "Secret Key" fields in the Iyzico panel, click the “Add Integration” button and contact us to activate your iyzilink assistant.

Get Started Right Away!

Discover MindBehind’s advanced conversational solutions to boost your sales and amplify your support services. Using our easy-to-navigate interface, start building your own sophisticated virtual assistant with zero coding skills required.

Explore all of MindBehind’s communication channels!

Connect your intelligent virtual assistant with the most popular messaging apps and third-party platforms. Just a few clicks will do the trick!

Get all the information you need from our Support Center!

Finding solutions to your problems with our Support Center page is easy! Visit right now for all the answers to FAQs, how-to-guides and troubleshooting instructions.