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Integrate Your MindBehind Services with JivoChat to Cultivate a Stronger Customer Base & Strengthen Your Relations!

Improve Overall
Resolution Time

Deliver quick and accurate information with pre-crafted canned messages and increase customer satisfaction scores.

Enable Visitor

Keep track of your visitors and set up automated intelligent triggers to proactively initiate live chats and enhance engagement.

Reduce Customer
Support Load

Enable collaborative multi-agent chats and automate well-designed responses to repetitive questions to ease your agents’ workload.

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  • Deliver Data-Driven Personalization!

    Radically transform your customer communications with MindBehind’s Jivochat integration! Leverage a comprehensive built-in CRM system to access an unlimited archive of customer data for personalized support.

  • Achieve Real-Time Customer Engagement!

    Provide contextually relevant interactions to strengthen your bond with customers! Integrate JivoChat with MindBehind solutions to accurately interpret intent and quickly reply to customers for further engagement.

  • Empower Live Support Services with AI!

    Make it easy for your customers to reach your representatives! Reinforce your MindBehind services with JivoChat to quickly recognize intent with advanced AI solutions, and direct visitors to live chat immediately.

Start Connecting JivoChat to Your MindBehind Virtual Assistant & Extend Your Services in Minutes!

Search for Your Assistant & JivoChat Channel

Make sure there is already a MindBehind assistant on your company before you integrate, and search for JivoChat Channel on your company management page.

Add Your JivoChat Channel as a Deployment

Once you name your JivoChat channel and press the “Connect” button, head over to your “Assistant Map” to add your new channel as a new deployment.

Link Your Virtual Assistant with JivoChat App

Select JivoChat channel and the assistant version you prefer to successfully connect your MindBehind IVA with JivoChat services, and get started now!

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Get Started Right Away!

Discover MindBehind’s advanced conversational solutions to boost your sales and amplify your support services. Using our easy-to-navigate interface, start building your own sophisticated virtual assistant with zero coding skills required.

Explore all of MindBehind’s communication channels!

Connect your intelligent virtual assistant with the most popular messaging apps and third-party platforms. Just a few clicks will do the trick!

Get all the information you need from our Support Center!

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