How Do I Use Shortcuts?

Creating a chatbot in Mindbehind is easier when you use shorcuts. In designer page of your assistant, it is possible to use following shortcuts to accelerate your designing process.

  • Ctrl + Alt + f: For searching an action 
  • Ctrl + Alt + c: For duplicating an action 
  • Ctrl + Alt + x: For zooming out the map 
  • Ctrl + Alt + z: For zooming in the map 
  • Ctrl + Alt + p: For displaying publish tab 
  • Ctrl + Alt + r: For displaying preview tab 
  • Ctrl + Alt + v: For saving the current version 
  • Ctrl + Alt + n: For displaying settings tab 
  • Shift + Click on actions: For selecting multiple actions 
  • Ctrl + Alt + k: For deleting a group of actions                                                                                     
  • Left Arrow: For scrolling left inside the map 
  • Right Arrow: For scrolling right inside the map 
  • Top Arrow: For scrolling top inside the map 
  • Bottom Arrow: For scrolling bottom inside the map