Integrate Your MindBehind Services with Microsoft Luis to Cultivate a Stronger Customer Base & Strengthen Your Relations!

Conversion Rates

Use NLP to interpret user goals with accuracy and immediacy to convert prospects into customers by quickly finding solutions.

Capture Every
Sales Opportunity

Assess and interpret all product inquiries instantly 24/7 to avoid customer churn and eliminate missed sales opportunities.

Reduce Costs &
Employee Burden

Cut down costs and reduce the burden on your live agents by streamlining your workflow with comprehensive communication.

  • Maximize the Power of Your Connection!

    Engage in conversations in a more natural way with MindBehind’s Microsoft Luis integration! Acquire relevant meaning from customer inputs despite any word variations or misspellings, and answer queries with in-context replies.

  • Increase Your Sales & Business Revenue!

    Empower your MindBehind virtual assistant to drive your sales with the aid of Microsoft Luis! Find out what your customers want to buy and finalize purchases with accurate intent classification and instant input interpretation.

  • Improve Your Customer Retention Rate!

    Equip MindBehind services with Microsoft Luis’ natural language capability and deliver seamless customer experiences! Assess queries more effectively with advanced text analysis to keep your customers and reduce churn.

Start Connecting Microsoft Luis to Your MindBehind Virtual Assistant & Extend Your Services in Minutes!

Set Up a Luis Account

Head over to the Luis panel to set up an account if you don’t already have one and create a new authoring source or choose an already existing one.

Build a New Assistant

Build a new assistant by clicking the “new app” button from the “My Apps” tab and selecting it to create new intent or add prebuilt domain intent.

Create Your Project

Create and name your project, click the “Manage” button on the redirected page, and go to Settings to fill out the required form to add Luis successfully.

Get Started Right Away!

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