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With MindBehind, it is now very easy for companies and software developers to design chatbots with artificial intelligence support without writing code. 💻

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drag and drop: create your chatbot 🤖

With MindBehind, you can quickly create humane dialogues and develop safe and comprehensive solutions without the need for intensive coding. It has never been easier to design, test, and integrate your artificial intelligence-based chatbots into the required systems and channels.



analyze your dialogues📊

Where do your customers are lost? MindBehind ensures that performance is monitored and necessary analyzes are made to move the chatbot to a better point. Track chatbot interaction, customer satisfaction, and revenue generation rates in real-time. 🤓


publish your chatbot tens of platforms like WhatsApp 🌍

Create your chatbot once and use it anywhere. Easily publish your chatbot on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and your website.


chatbots are much smarter with dialogic artificial intelligence!

Is it too technical? Do not worry! MindBehind enables you to use top platforms such as DialogFlow, Microsoft Luis, or IBM Watson to build artificial intelligence and natural language business (NLP) powered chatbots. MindBehind has all the necessary tools to create dynamic dialogs without writing code.👌


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Meet with MindBehind which provides the best solution for managing communication between your chatbots and customers.

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