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MindBehind Studio consists of a devoted team of highly trained experts willing to streamline your automation journey with proactive improvements and support at every touchpoint.

  1. Dedicated Team of Experts
  2. Extensive Research of Your Specific Needs
  3. Full-Fledged Support at Every Touchpoint
  4. Designed for Optimal Performance
  5. Carefully Crafted Persona for Your Brand
  6. Flexible Features to Match Your Dynamism
  • Define Your Goals & Develop Your Brand Voice!

    Cultivate a voice that clearly conveys your purpose with MindBehind Studio! Leave it to our experts to craft the tone and conversation flow of your virtual assistant, perfectly aligned with your business vision and brand persona.

  • Shape the Personality of Your Virtual Assistant!

    Composing an authentic personality for your virtual assistant is central to your brand strategy! Let our team echo the voice of your assistant with your company values and aspirations to generate tremendous brand impact.

  • Explore Features Customized for Your Business!

    Pave the way for growth with a virtual assistant exclusively designed to provide for your needs! Whatever field your specialty lies in, deliver instant resolutions and smarter flows tailored for your business prospects and goals.

Join Us at MindBehind Academy & Sharpen Your Knowledge of Conversation Design

  • Get Access to Wide Array of Information!

    Let our valuable articles delight and educate you as you progress in the world of conversation design, and allow our extensive courses to guide you along the way.

  • Master Industry-Specific Terminology!

    Explore MindBehind Glossary to get a solid grasp of each and every term you may encounter in the industry and expand your knowledge of the field.

  • Learn How to Build Your Virtual Assistant!

    Benefit from all the experiences we have collected over the years and allow our unique resources to assist you in your journey to become the designer of your own virtual assistant.

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Kolay IK logo

“With the help of MindBehind, we developed the first human resources virtual assistant of Turkey. Thanks to MindBehind’s experienced team of experts, we were able to launch this virtual assistant that we integrated with Kolay İK in a very short period of time.’’

Tunca Üçer – Co-Founder

SOS Foods logo

“As a startup business, we findourselves in dire need of assistance while we cope with multiple tasks all at once. But, with the help of MindBehind, we can address the concerns of ourcustomers at any time with speed and ease.”

Felix Büchel – Managing Director

GAIN logo

‘’Thanks to its advanced product features and devoted team of experts, MindBehind has found wonderful solutions for all of the problems we have encountered at GAIN. The virtual assistant we continuously train with the support of dialogue designers has substantially reduced the burden on our customer support team.

Koray Dinçalp – Head of Growth

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