Modanisa's Success Story

About Modanisa

Launched on Mother's Day in 2011, Modanisa is an e-commerce company serving customers from140 different countries, in Turkish, Arabic, English, French, German, and Bahasa languages.

With its enduring vision to provide the modest women of the world with a wide range of sartorial options that reflect not only their faith but also a choice in style, was named the world's most popular Islamic apparel website by Reuters in 2016, in addition to receiving the "Islamic Economy Award" in2017 and the "International Business Excellence" award in 2018.

As the first international online retail site in Turkey, is a leader in e-exports, introducing small-scale producers and designers to their target markets around the world.

How did Nisa come about?

As the pandemic propelled an unprecedented surge in online shopping, it became more important than ever, fore-commerce businesses to be accessible and solution oriented 24/7. receives thousands of orders every day from all around the world, and serves 20million visitors monthly on its mobile app and mobile and websites.

Virtual assistants, being neither constrained by time nor by personnel resources, are the best options for optimizing customer operations. With the benefit of dialog design on our side, we set out to satisfy thousands of requests overwritten channels using a chatbot. had been using voice channels to process the requests of its customers from 140 different countries in various time zones. Our goal was to's customer request traffic from voice channels to written channels through Nisa, the 24/7active and efficient virtual assistant.

How We Started

We started an operation in five languages; Turkish, English, German, French and Arabic.

The MindBehind Studio team developed dialog flows suitable for Modanisa

We carried out data training and testing on the bot in preparation.

Nisa went live on October 6th2020.

We began working on a digital assistant in five languages, Turkish, English, German, French, and Arabic. On October 6th, 2020, Nisa started conversing with customers, capable of responding to the 72 most critical FAQs in the e-commerce operations, in addition to questions that required Nisa to fetch information from different systems such as "Where is my package?" and "Where is my returned item?". In the first month, Nisa correctly understood %65 of customer requests.

At the outset of Nisa's first month live, only 3.5% of customer requests to were made via written channels. By the end of the month, this percentage had scaled up to 8.3%, a trend of constant growth that never lost its edge.

Another critical indicator of operational efficiency through written channels was the percentage of conversations that Nisa could complete on its own, without falling back on live personnel support. As the first month drew to a close, Nisa could complete 56% of all conversations on its own.
October 2020
Nisa's rate of accurate comprehension
October 2020
Conversations Nisa completed on its own
November 2020
Nisa's rate of accurate comprehension
November 2020
Conversations Nisa completed by itself

How we developed Nisa

In concert with our dedicated efforts in tracking, training, and analyzing Nisa, we pinned down the topics that customer requests tended to cluster around.

At the end of the second month, Nisa could refer to other systems to instantly offer solution-oriented responses to queries including "Update IBAN", "Cash on delivery verification", and "Update delivery address".

Paralleling Nisa's progress, more and more of's users converted from voice channels to written channels. The percentage of written requests made to leaped from 8.3% to 33.3% in a mere month!

As we tracked and trained it, Nisa's rate of comprehension increased from65% to 75% by the end of the second month. Further, Nisa's rate of completing conversations on its own increased from 56% to 65%.

In the third month, the range of topics that Nisa could fetch from other systems was expanded to include queries such as "Order cancellation", "My coupon was not applied", "Missing product" and "Defective product".

By the end of the third month, the percentage of customer requests made through written channels had increased to 46%. At this point, Nisa's rate of accurate comprehension had risen to %85 and it could complete 70% of conversations entirely on its own.

Achievements of's Digital Assistant Nisa

Conversion to written channels

Conversion from voice channels to written channels at the end of the first three months:
1st Month:
2nd Month:
3rd Month:
Total conversations October 2020 & March 2021
Conversations completed entirely by Nisa:
Queries made to that Nisa responded to by itself:

After Chatting With Nisa

in January
in February
in March
In January
In February
In March
of users requested voice support

In conclusion

At present, Nisa can respond to questions on the 96 most important topics in e-commerce operations; 55% of all customer requests to are processed via written channels through Nisa. Nisa continues to learn and improve as time goes by. Our goal is to build this percentage up to its maximum extent, enabling all customer processes to be managed through automated messages through written channels.


The rate of queries Nisa can accurately comprehend and respond to is


The average number of conversations Nisa has per month is


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