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Spread awareness and achieve greater impact by expanding your reach with omnichannel conversational solutions. Connect with your supporters via their favorite channels, assist your volunteers by answering their questions or concerns with automated messages, streamline your donation collections with in-chat payment options.

Increase Your Service Availability!

Enable your users to contact your business 24/7 through the channels they prefer the most and deliver quick and accurate information with predefined automated messages.

Strengthen Your Connections!

Meet and even exceed user expectations with consistent support services to gain the trust of your volunteers and donors and raise advocacy for both your brand and cause.

Improve Volunteer Experiences!

Make it easier for your supporters to volunteer by accepting applications without leaving the chat and by educating them on your cause with automated yet human-like conversations.

Simplify Your Donation Process!

Allow your prospective and current donors to choose the most suitable option by presenting them with all of your fundraising campaigns, and let them make donations with in-chat payments.

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"With the help of the experienced and attentive MindBehind team, we have equipped our organization with a virtual assistant capable of providing instant support 24/7. This way, we have been assisting everyone in need and anyone who wants to lend a helping hand by resolving their questions and concerns in an effort to strengthen the impact of our communication which aims at social solidarity.”

Kadir Emre Akci – Digital Communications Manager

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