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Episode #1

Çağlar Yalı, Co-Founder, Kolay İK

The guest of Founder to Founder’s first episode is the Co-Founder of Kolay İK, Çağlar Yalı! 🎉 If you’re interested in hearing Çağlar’s entrepreneurship story, start listening right away! 🎧

Feb 16 · 1 hr 6 min

Episode #2

Mustafa Dalcı, Founder, Userspots

On the second episode of Founder to Founder, our guest is Mustafa Dalcı, who is most known for founding leading companies like Userspots and IoX Digital! 🎧

Mar 7 · 57 min 8 sec

Episode #3

Bensu Aydın, Co-Founder, Jetlexa

On the third episode of Founder to Founder, our guest is Bensu Aydın, who is the Co-Founder of the innovative contract management platform known as  Jetlaxa! 🎧

Feb 16 · 1 hr 6 min

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