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Solutions for the Automotive Sector:

Embrace conversational solutions that strengthen your online presence, enhance customer experiences with immediate support services, and boost your sales with easy test drive appointments and in-chat payment options.

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Solutions for the E-Commerce Sector:

Automate your customer communications to provide 24/7 support, personalize experiences by promoting products based on past purchases, and increase your sales by letting customers complete transactions without leaving the chat.

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Solutions for the Travel Sector:

Adopt the use of virtual assistants to maximize the impact of your brand on multiple channels to provide hassle-free customer journeys, accept hotel or flight bookings, and let your users make payments without leaving the conversation.

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Solutions for Startups:

Empower your startup with automated messages to nurture your customer relations with 24/7 support services, create an effective new channel in your marketing strategy to grow your reach, and maximize your sales revenue gradually.

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Solutions for the Banking & Finance Sector:

Use messaging automation to gain a competitive advantage against conventional financial institutions by handling customer queries instantly, improving agent efficiency, and processing transactions with utmost security.

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Solutions for the Healthcare Sector:

Offer easy access to quality patient care and medical insight with automated messaging to create seamless patient experiences with personalized assistance on multiple channels, and facilitate instant appointment scheduling right within the chat.

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Solutions for the Insurance Sector:

Reinforce your business with conversational solutions to provide fast and reliable customer support, offer personalized experiences, and increase your revenue by promoting your insurance plans across the most popular messaging channels.

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Solutions for NGOs:

Raise awareness for your cause with omnichannel conversational solutions and quickly resolve the  questions or concerns of your supporters with automated messages, and boost your donation collections with in-chat payment options.

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Why MindBehind?

User-Friendly Interface

Offer your customers a seamless experience with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Explore our customizable templates to quickly build your own virtual assistant without any coding background.

Omnichannel Presence

Allow your users to engage with your brand through their favorite communication platforms. Provide your customers with the flexibility of switching between channels and achieve a faster resolution time.

24/7 Customer Support

Delight your customers with consistent support services around the clock and establish trust. Convert your customers into repeat buyers and improve brand advocacy.

Personalized Service

Track and store user interactions to develop targeted engagement that resonates with your customers. Offer tailored responses to personalize customer experiences.

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Integrate your virtual assistant seamlessly with third-party products and services for a holistic customer experience. Visit our Integrations page to see more features.