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Integrate MindBehind Services with Zendesk Sunshine to Cultivate a Stronger Customer Base & Strengthen Your Relations!

User Interactions

Identify and segment your customers to capture real-time information for more personalized experiences.

Manage Data in a
Single Platform

Have the freedom and flexibility to connect all of your customer data on an open CRM platform for consistent customer support.

Meet Customer
Needs Instantly

Provide smarter support flows and instant resolutions with intelligent automations and pre-stored customer data.

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  • Connect the Entire Ecosystem of Your Business!

    Merge your data sources into one single view! With the help of MindBehind’s Zendesk Sunshine integration, manage disconnected data across multiple different systems, products, apps, and sevices to fill the gaps in your business.

  • Analyze Interactions for Personalized Experiences!

    Surface any type of interaction with MindBehind’s Sunshine integration! Capture custom events such as shopping carts or web activities and review your customers’ previous conversations to customize their journeys.

  • Boost Your Response Time & Agent Efficiency!

    Help your agents move faster by incorporating Zendesk Sunshine into your MindBehind services! Achive a dynamic view of all the customer interaction history, offer your agents the contextual data they need to provide solutions.

Start Connecting Zendesk Sunshine to Your MindBehind Virtual Assistant & Extend Your Services in Minutes!

Set Up Your Zendesk Enterprise Account

Make sure you are registered to Zendesk and login to your account to be able to integrate Zendesk Chat to your MindBehind solutions.

Define Your Mission & Manage Data

Determine your use cases and manage your features to collect and analyze user behaviors and preferences to serve your customers more efficiently.

Link Your IVA with Your Zendesk Account

Select your Zendesk channel and the assistant version you prefer to successfully connect your MindBehind IVA with Zendesk Chat and begin live-chat now!

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Get Started Right Away!

Discover MindBehind’s advanced conversational solutions to boost your sales and amplify your support services. Using our easy-to-navigate interface, start building your own sophisticated virtual assistant with zero coding skills required.

Explore all of MindBehind’s communication channels!

Connect your intelligent virtual assistant with the most popular messaging apps and third-party platforms. Just a few clicks will do the trick!

Get all the information you need from our Support Center!

Finding solutions to your problems with our Support Center page is easy! Visit right now for all the answers to FAQs, how-to-guides and troubleshooting instructions.